When do u write your to do list

Tristan Y.
Normally mornings or early afternoon. If I know it's going to be a hectic day I will try to get it written the night before
Karla F.
I write it before I go to bed because that way I am mentally prepared for the next day and also I can keep whatever is necessary for the next day ready.
Th O S.
Either when I first wake up or go to sleep, sometimes my mind is racing so much about what I have to do the next day I can’t sleep so I find it helpful to write down everything I need to do… other day’s I’ll write it in the morning to give me something to work towards… and on days I struggle with the basics I write a shorter to do list or just don’t write one at all… I only skip writing my to do list when absolutely necessary as I know on that particular day having a list of things I have to achieve can overwhelm me. Hope this helps 🙂