What if Todo list gets overwhelmingly large and undone. Do you still smile and think you will still survive?

Marion T.
I do the tasks which make a big difference to my life in long term and skip others if it gets too difficult
Aur Lien Z.
I use long to do lists as a means to brain purge. There sort of a wish list of all the projects, tasks and future things I want to get done. I’m notorious for my crazy long to do lists but I’m slowly learning to pull more manageable daily task lists from my “master task brain purge list”. 2 things that have helped me tremendously… logging how long I think tasks will take me and how long they actually take me. There are a few great time logging apps out there. I find A-tracker is the easiest. It’s really helped me gauge how long repetitive tasks actually take me like getting ready in the morning and planning my day. The other thing that helps is naming my overwhelming task lists with ridiculous, long and funny names like “My completely unrealistic list of crazy things I need and want to get done in a completely unrealistic amount of time. Like right now! Task List”. It seems stupid but also reminds me to keep it in perspective. Then I highlight the things I NEED to get done to maintain everyday life and the things I really want to get done this month. After that I use it as a master list to make my daily list from over the next month or so.
Bodo Y.
It helps to break the list down into doable steps. Ideally starting with the most uncomfortable things. Once you got those done you won't only feel better but the tasks ahead get easier and easier.
Margie F.
I find the most important skill for maintaining To Do lists is to prioritize and minimize the list if you can. If something absolutely has to be done that day then get that done and don’t worry about other things you can finish tomorrow. Checking off a bunch of tasks can be great and make you feel good, but it can also tire you out very quickly to where you’ll want to start avoiding the list overall. Take care of the necessities first, and if you’re up for it then you can work on other tasks. Also, not meeting a deadline or not finishing a task is never the end of the world – work forward the next day.
Rosalba N.

Well my to-do-list works as a reminder too. It doesn't matter if you can't get all the things listed done, just keep in mind that if you can get at least a minimum of 2 things done, then that should be enough to make you happy. And the things you didn't get done, just add it to the list again for the next day. Sooner it will get done. Just take it easy on yourself.

Logan Z.
I pick out whats Urgent, then whats Important (but not urgent) and everything else goes in the 'Todo, but not right now' pile.
Then I pick out the Super Urgent Thing – that can be sorted right now – and do that.
Then I have a cup of tea and chill for 5 mins.
If my list is really long then its a really Brain Dump list disguised as a To Do list and I treat it as such.
I weed out everything that does need attention At Some Point, but NOT right now.
I schedule what I can deal with for the week ahead; what can wait til next week; month; year and even never.
For me this is a good way of seeing what actually, really matters – and what really doesnt.
I also delegate anything that anyone can do, or what someone else should be doing.
Then I try to give myself a realistic time scale to crack on.
Jamie S.
One-third of my to-do list is unfortunately undone. I try to minimise the amount of tasks so that you complete them all. You should consider writing only the most important tasks in your list.
Zar Y.
First declutter your list. If not possible then, Divide your todo list in parts. For e.g. if you wrote 12 points. Then divide it into 3 or 4 parts. Giving every part a separate time. Which help you do every work.
Malou Z.
I try to keep my to do lists to just three things, and the three most important things, that way hopefully it doesn't become too overwhelming!
Asta T.
I usually feel confident that I will accomplish every task at its right time. And I don’t get pressured by undone tasks that don’t demand a short dead line. It’s important to prioritize your to-do list. I only memorize them instead of create a new list of the priorities. A new list is one more screen, one more click, one more paper, one more line. Going through your list and seeing what’s done and undone will to make you feel comfortable with the traffic of tasks. There will be no need to worry when you can estimate your real time for every task. It’s important not to lie to yourself.
Edeltraud U.
I have never finished a todo list because I haven't had enough self-discipline to follow through with it. I also didn't allow my self to get overwhelmed or upset when I didn't finish a to-do list I just would say to my self ill do it later it's not that big of a deal. I think by telling my self that I wouldn't feel upset at my self for not finishing it because I didn't really try or care. But if I cared about following goals or tasks I set for my self I would be upset if not completing them in the time frame I gave my self and so not to feel any disappointment or guilt I just stop making goals and to do lists and have lived my life by the motto whatever happens but it hasn't gotten me anywhere. Any way hope that makes sense
Achim Y.
No, your to do list should not be too long you are overwhelmed. If it is, you should break it down by time and/or topic.
Felizitas F.
I will slowly chug through my insecurities and stop holding everything off. I need results, stop thinking let reality be reality
Mia J.
Group all similar todo into a Big category. Priorities the category and then pick one from each category in descending order of priorities. I use four to ten, for example – work, open source project, eating, relationship, family, birthdays, others
Lucie T.
Priorities help a lot.
And be sure to know that a day only has 24h. Do what you can -don't cheat on yourself- and try to accept the things you cannot do.
You can try an extra list of things that regularly don't get done. Either schedule them differently or try to set a special time for only those tasks.
Melissa C.
Sometimes I do feel that I'm unable to complete to do lists, but I'm better these days not worrying too much, being able to survive and smile still. Sometimes I find them really helpful but sometimes they can get overwhelming or too rigid and structured for me when I know sometimes I need to let go more or enable spur of the moment things to happen in my life to fulfil it properly and have a little more freedom rather than letting chores get to me so much that I can't enjoy any other time properly or allow things to become so perfected that it stresses me too much if I haven't done something in a certain time. Sometimes being too expecting in my time allowances for some things rather than loosening up a little more about it can leave me not wanting to bother with anything at all, leading to a more prolonged period of feeling slumpish, down, stressed about not achieving what was intended. Sometimes the smaller more manageable bitesize goals add up to more once they are completed.
Johanne C.
Yes, I smile and remain happy by motivating myself for the tasks and just thinking about the peace of mind I shall have after completion of the tasks.
Emma Y.
If I don’t finish my list I build it in to the following day.
Tom Q.
Break down a long and undone list into smaller, daily lists. Also, some lists are made to be ignored… they are more aspirational than feasible. If the list is just hopeful it’s ok to let it go.
Mario T.
I smile because I trick myself into thinking I could do everything at once. I review my list choose the super important things and try to out a timetable for them. the rest gets on the to do list for tomorrow
L Rke P.
Maybe the smile isn’t immediate…
when I look at a giant overwhelming list I begin to highlight my top
3 tasks and I work hard to complete them
As quickly as possible. Once I knock a few things off the list, I feel less stressed and I realize that all the things on my list aren’t always as urgent as I may have felt at first. It becomes easier to prioritize what to do next. Then you are cruising! Getting started is always the hardest part!