How specific do you get in making your to do list? Example, Do you put “laundry” or do you put “wash darks” and “fold clean clothes”?

Sharon Y.
“Do the laundry is sufficient“. I think it’s wasting time if you get too bogged down writing out the details when you can easily decide on the fly.

Larry E.
Mate, unless you have a reason to
Be that specific about laundry, then just go with ‘laundry ‘. If a task requires specificity, then I just put the basic task: like, make phone calls, or put away dishes.

Ron T.
I tend to do two things, I make to do lists and plans. I put general tasks on the to do list, then I break each task down into smaller ones for the plan so I see how I will get there. That way not actually be necessary with laundry unless you are figuring out how many quarters you will need but it is necessary for more abstract tasks where there are a lot of different elements that you may not be thinking about at first.

Gordana F.
I do it quite easy going and not too specific because being specific I feel like closing my box and not leaving space for creativity in the chore. I tried being more specific but I ended up bored with all of those "orders" so now what I do is a write more like reminders of what needs to be done and I also chose one to do a day that as a main priority over the others and HAS to be done no excuses, and after that I forgive myself for not completing the list if that one is done. Also when chosing that one I chose "the hard one" because it's the one I usually ignore.