Do you add to-dos that are due a few days from now?

Audrey Ross
I do! I find that having the reminder for myself helps me potentially get started on that item earlier. Or just attempt to.

Chester Cole
Yes, but I prefer just doing one day at a time because there will be delays, and you won't be able to plan very far ahead accurately. Stay agile!

Kerstin Hell
I have a daily to-do list and a weekly to-do list, so I add certain things from the weekly list to the daily list, when it's the right time 🙂

Vincent Grant
Absolutely. I have a calendar and add my to do’s day by day as well as what I know is coming for the week ahead on Sunday’s.

Alberto Freeman
If it’s a project that will take me a few days and has to be worked on as a priority, that’s the only thing I write and work on.

Godofredo Teixeira
No, every night I do a to-do list for the next day only. Trying to be realistic and not overplan it. Whatever doesn’t get done will be reschedule or reevaluated at the end of the day. I visualise myself and kinda how I want the day to play out. It makes the day more consistent and productive. You feel less overwhelmed by focusing only on the day ahead and not on a whole week/month of chores and deadlines.
And things actually get done.

Johan Christiansen
For me I don’t. It’s hard to tell what the next day will bring, especially when you’re productive. You may get done with an assignment on Monday that was due on Wednesday, therefore opening up your schedule for the day which means your short-term goals for the week change. The most I’ll do is set my due dates or when I need a certain thing done for in advanced and make sure I’m progressing in it Day by due in my to dos.

Birte Wohlgemuth
I like to add those, but with low priority so I know it is there and I don't forget to do it. If I am having a particularly productive day I might even be able to finish that, too!

Donald Bruns
Not usually, just ones that are more urgent considering the amount of time I can allocate on the day, thinking realistically

Suleni Pires
adding to_dos later from now only adds todo list items. keeping todo list short ensures it can be completed. so i suggest leave it for the day tey are due or a day before

Scarlett Welch
I use a Bullet journal, so I have 2-3 lists. I think what works best for me is a small list of bigger/most important tasks tasks for the month, in addition to a longer list for the week, including any specific ones from the monthly list, e.g. pay credit card bill. Then, on the weekly list, I mark the tasks I'm going to focus on for that specific day with a dot and, of course, cross them off when done.