How do you go to bed at a decent time?

Wanda U.
It can be hard when you have a busy day. But I try to listen to my body. Even if I still have a million things to do when I get home, if feel exhausted, I go to bed. Tomorrow is another day to get things done.

Carmen U.
Sleeping pills and melatonin. That’s how I started at first. But then after I incorporated the gym into my life I tired myself out throughout the day, so falling asleep gets easier.

Lucas G.
What does "decent" mean for you? I don't think you should force yourself to go to bed at a certain time just because that time is conventionally "decent." Figure out how much sleep your body needs and go to bed in enough time to get that much sleep. For example I have to be up at 6:30 and my body runs best on 7.5 hours, so if I'm asleep by 11pm, I'll be in good shape.

Alix S.
To get to bed at a decent time requires me to be more diligent during the day to get enough work done. It also is challenging when you hang out with friends or family.

Louison P.
I use going bed rituals. Brush, floss, wash face and take up a book for reading. No phone or lcd screen in room. That helps me.

Iwona J.
I dont … At all i work second shift and the rest of the world sets on morning … I dont feel bad about it. I still do everything thqt everyone else does .. Just different hours

Gerald O.
You go to bed at a decent time by creating a bedtime ritual that allows you have an understanding of what things you want to accomplish both before bed and in the morning. If you understand what you are wanting then you can execute those wants with much more meaning behind them and see the changes happen. Once you see a productive pattern from doing these things it almost makes you want to be I bed by a certain time.

Debbie Y.
I didn’t go to bed at decent time. I sleep extremely late. But I did find out if I prepare myself earlier to bed, I can sleep much earlier compare to normal time. My suggestion is to fix an evening rituals and do it same time everyday, this is helpful to me, hope it works for u too.

Emilie S.
Going to bed at a decent time requires disconnect from all electronics and effort to relax while lying in bed with the lights off. A fan or noise machine may help. Also, stay consistent. Going to bed and waking at the same time sets your internal clock. Lastly, eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Jeff P.
It's very difficult for me still. The first thing is to turn off and put away all electronics at least 30 min before getting into bed. Otherwise this will mess with your sleep in all sorts of ways. I have noticed the difference. It's also best to have an evening routine to wind down. Set an alarm for when you would like to do this. You're body will tell you when it's tired, so listen to it and use this to help you set the time for an evening routine (which should start prior to feeling tired). Good luck!

Debra C.
My phone automatically goes on silent at a certain time, so that I don't get interrupted with notifications. And then get ready for the next day, pour water into a bottle, tidy up, brush my teeth and things like that. I then listen to a calming soundtrack to relax and then sleep.

Bryan U.
I have a set bedtime and I set an alarm on my phone when it is time to start getting ready for bed – I have a nice bedtime routine too

Louis U.
If something stimulating is keeping you from going to bed on time (games, tv, phone, friends, homework, workout), then set an alarm and stop that thing an hour before bed. Take a shower to mark that divide and have some tea or read or take a walk or something else relaxing. Your body and brain need time to transition to sleep mode. You can't just go straight from a screen to good sleep.

Samuel A.
I’m not perfect at this, but I’ve been getting better. I usually go to sleep between 11 and 1am, although I also can fall asleep early (8pm) or late (2:30am)