How do you deal with incomplete tasks you set for a particular day?

Cl A S.
I use a digital to do list, so I duplicate the unfinished item, rewrite the original to describe what I did (tracking is very important to me), and move the duplicate to the day I think I'll be able to get back to it. I add an estimate of the time.

If I'm using a written list, I annotate what I completed and add the item to the next day's list.

Isaac R.
I do them the next day, try not to be too disappointed since it was my choice. Haha. But seriously, this app keeps me in check and on track, since I tend to bathe in anxiety and self-pity at times(mood swings and hormones, ugh). Through Fabulous, I can see that I am at least doing something habitual and not guessing what to do everyday.
Matusal M A.
Put them to the top of the list the next day; and ask myself why didn’t they gets done? Did I run out of time or am I blocking something?
Clinton T.
I try to complete them as best I can and if I can’t then I continue tomorrow. P.S it helps if you write a to do list the night before
Kyle P.
I think about why I didn't get it completed. If I still think it's important then I move it to tomorrow. Else I will throw the task away or move to a 'someday' task list. I can only move 3 tasks to tomorrow.
Aurore Y.
I make a note in the to-do list. Adjust my next days plans and make time to complete the remaining tasks
Walli U.
At the end of my day, I go through my planner and reschedule all the unfinished tasks, either for the next day or for another day when it makes more sense to get them done.
Guta F.
You push it to the top of the list for the next day. Tasks should be fun and challenges to see how many u can complete in that day. Whatever you didn’t finish won’t disappear it still needs to be done. Put in next days list in appropriate category of importance. If you’re Always pushing it than it needs to be on a “long term” list u can get to in a longer time span.
Ma Va Y.
If at the end of the day you have incomplete tasks you need to reflect wether or not this happened because of factors out of your control. If this is a result of your own personal incapability to do the tasks maybe there's something you can improve, like procrastination. You might as well want to consider putting only the important tasks on your list and focusing only on those and not a million unimportant tasks.
Jordan N.
They are first on the list for the next day. I was actually advised to write a to-do list at the beginning of the week for the week and refer back to it all week. Eat the big nasty frogs first!! Also, to-do items are AFTER priority/project tasks. That's made a difference for me, distinguishing between them. I review the list each day without rewriting it during the week. I no longer feel like I've got too much to do, because the week long list is longer than a "daily" list, but it's not five times like. And I feel better all week as I cross things off!
Ellen X.
When I make my task list for the day, I always take a few minutes to rank my tasks, A-C. Only three tasks will get A's and these are the three tasks that must be completed before I go to bed for the day. B's are important but can be put off for a day or two if I run out of time. C's are tasks that can be stalled indefinitely. When I make my list the next day, I carry over tasks from the day before, re-ranking. B's not completed generally will become A's, unless something new is pressing. If I bump a C task repeatedly (say I listed it starting Monday but by Friday still haven't done it), then it automatically gets an A ranking. By limiting myself to 3 "must complete" tasks per day, I've found I'm actually more productive. I generally get those out of the way first thing and then tackle my B's, sometimes a C or two if they are easy and I only have a few minutes.
Frida X.
It depends on the task. For repetitive tasks such as studying or cleaning (which I expect to do on a daily basis), I make sure to do at least 5 minutes of the task. Regardless of whether I did as much as I planned or not, I consider that task complete and postpone the rest till the next day. For stand-alones that don't have a deadline, I usually move to another day (guilt-free) as it must not have been a priority.
Indro Q.
I try to complete them on another day, but also I try to make a better plan for the day that is more possible to complete all the tasks I have! Also I make weekly tasks that can be completed on any given day that I have spare time!
Gesine Q.
I have a sort of elaborate planning system, but I have a very complex web of medical conditions and passions that I have to write it all down somewhere! I plan broadly in a Passion Planner, I have a daily time-log for keeping track of my time and daily agenda when I am studying (I am an online student Legal Studies student), and I have a journal for keeping track of habits, dreams, and goals on a daily basis.
So, back to your question: how to deal with incomplete tasks you set to a particular day. In May monthly/weekly Passion Planner I use erasable pen for the most part, Frixon Pilot .38, and I will erase it and move it forward to the next available time slot. If it’s the same day I will write it down in my daily agenda, or maybe my journal if I need to write it in my brain dump to transfer to another planner later. This might be a bit much, but basically, however YOU plan, you just cross it out. Look at your day/week/month and reschedule as soon as possible. If it’s a task that actually needs to be scheduled it’s better to do it as soon as possible so you don’t forget. It gets expensive to miss doctor’s appointments!
I hope this helped! I love planning questions!
Hilda N.
The easiest answer is to push it to the next day. However this doesn't take into account that something prevented you from completing the task to begin with. I reflect back on the situation/causes that helped me ignore or not complete the task. After identifying it, I am now aware of the situation and will be mindful if a similar situation comes up again the next day.
Sebastian O.
I put it on tomorrow’s list. I also put long term projects on my to do list. This allows my mind to automatically know it is OK to NOT finish a daily task list and at least one item will need to be transferred to the next day; therefore transferring a daily task, ie folding clothes, to tomorrow’s list is not the only task being transferred. Putting long term items on my list helps me think how to break it down into manegable steps, which also eventually go on my to do list in an outline form.
Erwan O.
I always keep a record of my to-do lists for the day. Usually, if something isn’t accomplished the day before, it gets out on the next day’s list.
Michele C.
For some, like yoga, I allow myself to make up a missed day by doing a double (yoga for twice as long) on the next day (helps in special circumstances such as family in town). Some times you loose your streak, and it sucks, but you have to build it back up. Generally, once I'm past the 10 day mark, I'm more motivated to keep going, so I am more lax with myself in those first 10 days so I can build a streak.