How do you complete your ultimate goals when you have a senior parent that depends on you and you have to pay the mortgage by yourself and run a small business by yourself and still don’t make enough money to pay everything every month?

Eugene Z.
Make your goals more important than money goals. Do not think of your time as money but think of money as your time. When you have a paper bill in your hand, think of the time you put in to get that paper or number. Is it really worth it? Could your spend your time more happily elsewhere? …. Also look into Grounding for your elder, it will relieve them and you! Take off your shoes and socks, sending you love ❤️🙏🏼♥️
Amy W.
It sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed and you have an enormous amount on your plate – to be honest you sound superhuman and I am enormously impressed by your drive and strength. My advice would be not to rush towards your 'ultimate' goals and make looking after yourself a short term goal. Focus on the Japanese idea that 'one minute counts' and try to take short, mini actions towards building habits and achieving goals. Even if this means eating an extra piece of fruit, doing burpees while the kettle boils or counting ten breaths while lying in bed at night – you'll have eaten healthily, exercised and meditated! I find just not breaking my streak encourages me to do more each day. On tough days I only do a minute but I find that if I skip if altogether I get angry and upset and give up. I really hope this helps.
Clifton O.
Budgeting with a daily planner or a notebook has always worked for me. I could cut down on groceries by buying in bulk. Scheduling out what part of the paycheck will need to be taken out a month in advanced or what will need to be saved. I hope for the best and stay positive.