Do you complete all your tasks in a day?

Ian Howard
Oh gosh, the short answer is, no!!its my goal, my aim, but sometime things get in the way. I know I should be using the routines to manage my time better, or more efficiently, but it doesn’t always work that way. Life, you know? Also I have a real issue with trying to meditate at night—maybe this is a message to me! But if the time is late I sacrifice meditation so I can get to bed at a reasonable time.

Sofie Olsen
It depends on how many tasks I have. I recommend not overloading your evening, morning, or afternoon routines with too many tasks. For example, in the morning, I have drink water first thing (apart of my journey), stretch (it doesn’t matter how long—it could even be a minute long stretch every morning!), eat a good breakfast (it could be something as easy as sliced apples and peanut butter—easy and healthy)! And, finally, wash my face and brush my teeth. Guess what? That’s it. They’re every-day tasks. Little things like that can add up to big things. Take it one day at a time. Eventually, each day will add up to be a beautiful end result. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Set achievable goals. Do the same for your evening routine. Good luck! I hope this helped.

Tanya Reynolds
Sometimes. I try to always complete 80% then sny dsy I do 100% is a big deal, I give myself a nice reward then, like a good meal or go to a movie, something I can recreate easily but I also really enjoy.

Josefine Gast
I’m working on it. I have cut back on my tasks so I can build on them once I have established a Routine. I seem to have difficulty setting and sticking with a routine though I know it is important for my mental health.

Rémi Pierre
I try very hard to complete the tasks I set in this app, and it keeps me motivated to know at the end of the day I will have a golden triangle. BUT There are definitely days when I don’t get everything done