How important REALLY is it to write my To Do’s on physical paper? (I find entering it in Fabulous app works for me and if that goes away I can use my Cozi app. I cannot keep track of notebooks or notepapers. Or even books. I read books on my phone.)

Daniel W.
I think the point is to have a road map for your day so it should be in a place you can keep track. If phone works for you then go for it. If paper is easy to loose track of, then for you it’s not the way to go. Everyone is different and you should adjust these routines to fit you.
Erik Z.
I prefer to use google Calendar than physical paper. in the past years, ive lost so many note books and the habit didn't last for a while.
Allen Z.
I’m a paper person but also put my to-do’s in my calendar, so I feel like it’s counterproductive to then put those exact same things on paper. As long as you can keep track and prioritize, i think using an app is better than nothing. But that’s just my opinion 🙂
Benjamin P.
If it works for you then don’t worry. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, keep on with whatever works.

If you really feel you need to write it down you can always put a post-it note on the back of your phone, because you probably won’t lose track of it that way.

I use my “reminders” app on my phone most of the time. I have one for “to do” one for “shopping” etc.

However physically writing some things down does seem to help me, and recently I’ve been writing my todo lists on paper to avoid distractions on my phone, and I’m just using my reminders app for my shopping list (because my phone always goes everywhere with me).

It’s completely up to you, but don’t put pressure on yourself thinking that you have to do it like everyone else, it’s also good just to do what helps you.

Ana Lle T.
Hi, personally I guess writing to do’s on paper is more affective because whenever I write them in the phone it ends by not accomplishing most of them and deleting them . I hate the feeling of not doing something I supposed to do so deleting my tasks makes me feel not guilty and it ends up repeating the same thing every day . Writing your tasks in paper makes so much difference so I can track every thing and also it is easy to take it to school . But if you prefer writing in your phone it is absolutely fine but try to write down your work tasks in front of your desk since it is really easy to get distracted if they were in your phone . Wish you a good luck .
Philip Z.
I would actually recommend you to use your hand and write it on paper. There has been a lot of research on the connection between handwriting and the brain. Writing it on paper will also mark it more strongly as a special ritual so it doesnt just become part of the habit of scrolling through your phone. A paper-written list will reduce screentime, which is good for your eyes. You could buy a small notebook the size of your phone and keep them together if you want to be sure to always carry it with you. Good luck!
Ver Ssimo Q.
While I get how writing on paper is effective, my memory is not as effective. I would forget it everywhere. But my phone, I always have it on me. So having the habit ingrained in a specific app works well.
Alice Z.
Whatever works best for you is fine! I like my phone because I lose paper and forget to look at phone is always with me.but sometimes I use paper.i change it up depending on what I'm doing and where I am. That's fine. However works for you.
Courtney F.
Writing makes you think about things at a deeper level than typing. I develop to do lists using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner and also use the task features in Outlook and then add to dos from my planner to Microsoft Planner in Office 365.
Stella Q.
I like writing things on paper because it’s easier to visualize , easier to read and organize by color coating. I find having something physical to do, like crossing it off you list, reminds you to do it.
Morgane T.
Fabulous gives tips to help people find an effective method, but if you have one that actually works for you, more power to you! At the end of the day, Fabulous just wants you to be successful 😉