How do you get out of a mental funk??

Kaitlin E.
The long and short of it is to just get up and MOVE! Move, move, move! Walk, jump, skip, dance, stretch whatever! Weather permitting, go out and breathe in some fresh air and get some sunshine on your face!! Even if it's dreary out, open your curtains or blinds. Don't sit in the dark. Relax or jam out to some of your favorite music and most importantly- move somehow! 😊
Mathis Z.
Gratitude! Focus on what is going right rather than wrong and it will change your mood x 🙂 do service! Volunteer! Life seems brighter when you see people with bigger problems than your own 🙂
Aldrovanda Q.
It’s definitely not easy. I’m someone who goes into a really bad place mentally when something happens, but the biggest thing that I can say is find something that either relaxes you, like reading, taking a bath, doing a word search, etc. , or do something that you know makes you genuinely happy, like working out or hanging with friends. One thing I learned is don’t be afraid to talk and be vulnerable because the more you keep those feelings to yourself the worse it will be. Also, if you really need it, don’t be afraid to go to therapy for personal lingering issues that you met need to deal with.
Vid Lio E.
I have found that sinking water first thing in the morning and then performing an 11 minute stretch routine while my coffee is brewing has really made strides in clearing my head and opening it to more positive energy.