Does your Write My To Do habit has deadlines?

Sheila C.
No, I use a task manager or diary for deadlines. My to-do list is a realistic as possible list of things I want to get done that day. Sometimes I might allocate a rough timeframe i.e 25 mins, but nothing more
Caroline T.
Actually I have multiple To-Do lists one of them is daily, so the deadline is for end of the day like eating 10 glass of water, buying groceries, studying german or etc.
One of the lists is for a longer period like a month, or a season maybe even a year(depends on what you want to do in the period.
Leo X.
I’m not sure if you’re asking if the list I made itself has a deadline or if all the items on the list have deadlines. The list is consistently changing. A to do list is never complete but a days worth of todos can be. Some of my items have deadlines like making my catalog or creating product. Some to do things aren’t really under strict deadlines but need to be done consistently for various reasons.