How could I effectively use my time without laziness

M Lina P.
I drink water grist thing when I get up, then I exercise for 9 minutes. I basically check off my afternoon routine in the morning so by the time I go to work my day is ready I feel alert and ready to go.

Oktavia X.
I’m trying to be present. I couldn’t go back in time, I could not change that. I know that. I’ve always understood that. The only thing that I can change is now—the present. In this moment that so many uncertain things, I realized that there’s so much time yet so little. So why can’t I just make the most of it? I want to be 100% all the time. I mean what if it’s my last time? Could I??? We’ll see.

Thomas C.
Oh boy wish I'd known. though I believe that having a to do list and prioritising something that will get you out of bed in the morning is the starting point. We get lazy because we really don't want to do the task at hand. Start will something you like and then you'll have the energy and the sense of fulfillment to keep going

Shima X.
It's better to set a goal for yourself. Aiming will energize you, then you will try and try until reaching your goal without feeling laziness.

Sofie E.
Write a realistic to-do list for each day. Try to get as many items done as possible and check the box as soon as you get each one done. Break down the big works into small steps so you know exactly what you're going to do. Give yourself a reward at the end of the day if you have checked all the items off your list.

Alex O.
Checklists and deadlines are helpful. Usually the last thing I want to do is work out, so I make sure it’s the first thing I’m meant to do in the morning. That way I have no time to procrastinate.
Momentum is important. I try not to stop my productivity until I’ve completed everything I set out to do for the day. (Besides a quick lunch break or snack)

Jay W.
Listen to music that will make you focus on whatever you see fit to do around you it could be reading, working, studying anything you seem fit to do around you music will totally help you

Belis Rio Q.
Think about how fascinating it would be to have control over your days. Be creative and do something new everyday. Also give yourself some reward if you did as you planned.
Good luck 🙂

Parisa Z.
For me being positive and energetic help. And for being positive I practice Gratitude and giving credit to myself for little things that I've done that day(or in morning, yesterday's work). Specially when I feel like I did nothing. Like today I got up laaate I an hour go I felt like today wasn't productive at all and then I opened my planner and see all the little things that I did like drink water when I woke up and practiced instrument and now I feel much more energetic than an hour ago.

Hope that'll help you💕

Alandra Z.
If you're considering taking up new hobbies or structured routines like working out/ exercise, but you can't motivate to get off the couch or put of bed, buy or make yourself tension bands and whenever you're sitting or walking, have the tension bands on either mid calf or mid thigh, and constantly just move your legs. It triggers motivation, it gives a nice amount of pressure to exercise without even noticing or even standing! Give yourself time to get into it, your legs will seem to want to keep moving and you'll find things to do whether it's cleaning the house, going outside for a walk or even excel to the point of routinely walking/jogging/running and different exercise methods!

Alexandra Y.
Being intentional to both the work and to rest. Listening to my body for the times when I do need to rest and take a break is arguably just as important as getting things done. While the to do list is important, knowing and understanding why things should be done goes a long way to getting that persistent motivation. A lot on my to do list is things that help improve my environment (cleaning), improve my working/career goals situation, or organization of the things in my life. Those things make it easier to get the more fun things in my life my full time and energy.

Genesis F.
The way I see it, laziness comes no matter what you do. It’s always there. But instead of focusing on that, on “ugh this is so boring, I just don’t wanna do this right now, etc.”, try focusing on something else that you can do, something different.
I’d say to make a plan for the day and try to keep up with it. But, don’t put the same type of activity for a long period of time. For instance, take studying… try studying in 2-3 hour increments and try to keep it up for that time. It’s okay if you can’t study for the whole time period but try your best. You got this!

Cariza E.
I could learn something new, I could go for a walk, I could listen to music, I could read or watch a film, I could clean my house, I could draw or paint, I could have a shower and a face-mask

Mariano N.
Make a habit of setting aside a chunk of time to work on something with full attention. Start small and work your way up to something that makes you feel productive.

Tristan B.
A check list and you can pay yourself each time you achieve something. For example studying, after each chapter put a snack like inside the book. This may motivate you more to be productive.

Ninja T.
Think about the importance of doing your chores/work that you wanted to do. The moment you made a decision that you'd a particular thing, think about it. You wanted to prioritize your work over anything. The laziness will eventually lead you to procrastinate and nobody wants that. Have a 5 minute body stretch, an easy one and try to fo atleast half of the things from your "To-Do List". Get moving! 🙂

Suzanne F.
You could decrease the use of social medias and generally the internet. Also, you can put on some cheering up music without lyrics or video. At the end, you'd better organise your time beforehand, at the beginning of the year, the month, the week and the day. This will help you reduse the waste of time on activities that don't need to be done right away. Stay focused at the projects of each our or day and throw away anxiety and negativity!!! You can do everything! You just need a well organised program and some positive energy from your frinds and family, but mostly from yourshelf! Fo for it!

Rualba N.
By cutting out distractions such as the social media. I am becoming aware of how many in incautious minuties it steals from me and does not let me complete my daily tasks on time or maybe even cancel 1-2 of them just because I have postponed and procrastinated thinking its only 2 mins..

Kaitlyn U.
Doing stretching or running, jumping jacks, dancing that can remove the laziness or you can somewhere like the park to dk exercises or buying stuff for exercise or go out with your friends that also can remove the laziness.

Janet Y.
Laziness is not the opposite of being productive. You don’t need to use every moment of the day for productivity for it to be a good day. You can exercise and you can watch Netflix; those things don’t cancel each other out. Taking time for yourself and your mental health isn’t “lazy”. In some ways, it’s the most productive time of your day.

Azade F.
سلام دوست عزیزم!من فکر میکنم درجهان تنبلی وجود ندارد،فقط گاهی واقعا دلیل انجام یک کار را نمیدانیم،همین موجب اهمالکاری در انجام آن میشود!به نظر من بهترین کار برای رفع این مشکل این است که ابتدا برای خود مشخص کنیم چه چیزی بدست خواهیم آورد اگر این وظیفه را به خوبی انجام بدهیم!؟

Zhannat O.
The key here is take things slowly. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Add some habits to your routines that you’re already doing like brush your teeth, floss or read. Ticking them done will give you a sense of accomplishment and drive you to progress. And don’t forget to celebrate: do a little dance, smile at yourself in a mirror, treat yourself to something you love.

Monica O.
I have no idea. I am working on that too. I try to be doing something even when sitting and quiet, I crochet, read, edit on my phone…something easy and that I like and can be easily done while on the sofa

Isabell Z.
Get some work done, read a book or something but while sitting and doing it, pedal a mini exercise bike. Oh and no snacking, unless its healthy snacks.

Harper I.
I could try to limite my time on the phone and make a schedule of the things I need to do and the time they must be completed

Palak Z.
Firstly make a to do list. Set a simple timetable and try to stick to it for a week and maybe first week will be difficult but as time goes by you will be able to stick to the routine. Get up and sleep on fixed time. Avoid using phone in the morning. Listen to motivational videos to keep going

Alex N.
I, personally, slowly cease to believe in lazyness. If you don't get to do something you should, you either do not see sense in doing it or something frightens you and keeps you from starting — often the lack of belief in your capability of accomplishing the task. In the former case it's worth beginning to get more mindful to see what really matters to you and what the reasons are for you to think you have to do whatever you don't get to. In the latter it's worth beginning to get more mindful to see what beliefs about yourself you should try to work on.

In all cases it's good you found Fabulous — its coachings give great food for thought and are meant to help increasing mindfulness. If you're ready to hear it out no matter some cheesiness 🙂

Mayday R.
When i think about a task that i know i should do but it makes me think about how lazy i am, i count down from 5 and i just do it. It has worked for many things so far. It helped me get out of bed today after my alarm rang. It made me feel great!

Crissy F.
Find something to read or watch or listen whether it be educational or something to give u a good laugh. Effectively using your time does not necessarily mean that you have to be doing something to learn from or make money from. Sometimes you just need that time to refresh your mind and soul.

Tom The Mobile10 N.
Without laziness I would get a lot more done . I wouldn’t procrastinate. I would just take the opportunity to get over with the things I need to do

Caroline S.
I could use my time by doing small tasks like chores and errands. Or I can be productive by writing my to do list or exercising.

Jashreen F.
I can make a to do list, moving around helps. Dancing does it too if you like it. Having a pet animal to look after also is good

Angel F.
Find something that makes you excited. For me that's art, like painting, sketching, and working with resin. If you like a certain country, season, or aesthetic use it as your muse and create something inspired by that. It could be art, writing, music, or even just researching and putting together a presentation. And yes, putting a presentation together sounds weird, but you could show your family and friends how much this excites and why. You could also motivate yourself to grab a book or notepad and pencil and go for a walk and sit down at a local park or off a local trail and read or write or draw. Do what makes you happy, give yourself an hour or two a day dedicated to yourself and your craft. Also if you dont believe in your skills, just remember that crappy art, music, and writing is way better than no art, music or writing.

Kiki K.
Taking short breaks after building momentum usually helps. Try practicing the pomodoro method and you might just surprise yourself!

Adrienne F.
I could be more productive, like cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen. Maybe even organizing the house more. In due time I’ll get around to it. But I still feel guilty that it hasn’t been done yet.

Adina F.
There are many ways to deal with laziness you just have to find the ones that work for you for example; planning your day, reminding yourself of your goal, exercising, positive thoughts…
These are things that might be able to help you with laziness.

Enora T.
try to find new hobbies: (draw, learn how to play an instrument etc) try to communicate more with people or spend more time outside

Thomas F.
By giving taking care of yourself, getting plenty of rest, a good diet, exercise, but especially giving yourself credit for the things you are getting done. Be friendly and forgiving to yourself and be your own advocate and soon you won't even remember why you felt so lazy in the first place.

Ragendra F.

Rodan O.
Actually I'm very lazy . But deadlines and consistency helps you to use your time effectively .
– Rodan😎

Adasa Q.
Plan the month, the week and the day. Check and review each planning in advance. When it comes the time to do things, count until 3 and juat star doing it.

Josh Q.
One habit I would add to my afternoon routine is the "What are my three most important tasks?" habit, and then write in the box on the habit what they are. It has helped me prioritize.

Mia E.
Reward yourself with a little bit of laziness after completing your goals for the day. Make it part of your to do list for the end of the day. Watch an episode of your favorite show or schedule some self care. That will help motivate you to complete the tasks of the day knowing you planned a treat for yourself at the end.

Lea N.
Having a goal and creating a plan to reach that goal.. Everyday try to make a list of chores/activities you want to get done within that day and check them off as you go, whatever you don’t finish that day you could always do the next day.

Emily C.
Just do it without thinking when to do it. Doing something is better than thinking about doing it. Even through it may be hard sometimes, I will always feel better after it is done.

Kaitlyn U.
Do something you love, like cooking, gardening, clean the house or read a book.
Keep yourselves active from bored.
Cause like me sometimes if I hit the bed, everything seems lazy.
Active brain and active body leave you from laziness

Caroline P.
Make a to do list every evening of minimum 3 things. Laziness is for people who have no dreams so work on your "big" plan every day

Guy F.
I make a to do list about what i'm gonna do for a day. I planned what something that i have to achieved in a day. I think, i can be more productive when i put my phone away from me, but if i do that, i will lose a lot of things that important and also cannot tracking my habits and what i have to do. And for me, i have to be motivated and how to make myself motivated is when i look up to my moodboard about productivity.

Ukasz J.
You can make yourself busy with walks, runs, exercises and if you are at home try to do something creative like nice dinner maybe , read a good book at the evening… That's what I'm doing lately and it works 🙂

Kaitlyn U.
Laziness is either a lack of resources, or a lack of motivation. If it is a lack of resources – then you should focus on rest instead of focusing on efficiency. If it is a lack of motivation – then ask yourself, why are you trying to force yourself to do smth that you don't really want to do?

Jasmina I.
Laziness is part of life we need it to recharge. So sometimes doing nothing is what we need. On the other hand if you structure your day with good habits that will allow you to recharge then there will be less need or time for laziness.

Celto O.
Well to be frank it would allow me to actually do something with my life. I feel like I miss out on a lot of things just because I want to watch videos instead of talking with friends or going outside and stuff like that. I find that putting in a little effort to put myself out there pays in dividends but I have to actively do it which is where I leave off sometimes.

Quentin Q.
I would say set small goals that are achievable and reward your self when you finish them and then slowly make bigger goals

Caroline B.
i feel like you can write a list of all the things you need to do and in between each take a little break like 5 minutes where u can go on your phone so you can’t be as lazy

Gesine G.
You could create something, write, draw, sculpt, paint, sew, put your time towards something that will be rewarding in the end

Amish C.
Break your work down into steps so tiny that each step is a joy and a pleasure.

I find it helps to write down each tiny step

Thay G.
Set a repeating alarm for every hour of the day you want to do some work (I like the 4 hour deep work session on this app). Then when the time comes around physically kick the back of one leg with the other and get going!!

Claire Y.
Use that “down time” between daily tasks and chores to sit, breathe, be present, and perhaps pick up and read a physical book.
Affirm a positive feeling towards oneself.
Cultivate a feeling of capability and energy to tackle what is next.

Jay Q.
I like to make a simple timetable and unless I have an appointment or some important task, I plan out one task to do each hour, even if it’s just a a bunch of small 5 minute task, I still spread it out. By doing that it encourages me to get off my couch at least once an hour and by the end of the day I feel like I accomplished a lot.

Zoey P.
I think I could rest purposefully, if that makes sense. Like I wouldn’t just sit down when I am bored, but plan, I’m going to take a break at this time today and then continue what I am doing. I could also try to plan as much of the day as I could to keep me from having free time to just sit that turns from five minutes to an hour.

Aisha Y.
I can put down my phone and stay away from social media unless I'm taking a short break from what I'm doing. I can also get out of my head and leave the thinking for later in the day when my mind would he at rest and most logical.

Luca O.
Realize wait is keeping you entertained in this lazy state. If is a TV, unplug it, I have I sitting chair I can sit in for hours and get lost in thought. It's going in tge basement. No choice but to do something of value if you remove the distractions

Kaitlyn U.
I'm probably not the best person to ask this question, because I find other people doing things more productively in day-to-day living. For this reason, I started to feel down and this can't be avoided sometimes; I mean comparing yourself to others. So…basically what I do is, I find meaning in every little thing I do. That this may seem ordinarily for some but for me this is my way of filling up my soul, or as long as there's a bit of learning to it even if it doesn't require high-intensity; that should be enough to feel satisfy and be proud to yourself.

Aracema N.
If you're a physically active person, I would recommend looking up gymnastics or kung fu stretches for that. If you're a beginner, use the walls or the floor as leverage against your extended arm, as far as you can without hurting yourself. And keep pushing just a little bit further each day. The body takes about 28 days to start producing changes to both exercise and stretching.

Victoria O.
You could read, write, draw, clean, go for a walk, stretch, ect. You can do many things if you are bored to help keep you productive throughout that day. My personal favorite is to read and write.

Anasia Y.
This is a very hard thing for me to do because I have a phone addiction that I am working on. Find things that you love doing. If you really live doing the things you found to do,.it'll be very easy to combat laziness

Shahd V.
Set your goals and go for it , watch videos of lifestyle shape , watch videos of people who plan and do their goals , you are like them too you can plan and do your goals ! Just do it , just go for it .

Kimberly Z.
I think we as the human race have put such a negative stigma on what we see as laziness. I think that when we take a single step forward that is something that we need to celebrate. but when our bodies tell us that we need to rest we should listen to that and not deem it as being lazy. That's why I only make my to-do list about four things long.

Nikki T.
I would be able to get a lot more done both at home and outside of the home. I would meet a lot more people and use my time to be more creative by doing more of my art projects.

Anasha X.
Procrastination or laziness is something everyone has. You need to find out why you are procrastinating and then do that task first, then do the rest.

Emily T.
Man. I appreciate this question. I don't know, but I do have some thoughts.

When you look back over your time and feel you were lazy or ineffective, that's the gold mine. At that point, start to do some research. What seems to be contributing for you. Feeling overwhelmed, overcommitted, or limited by my health are my main reasons lately.

But others have been fear of the unknown, insufficient resources, or passive aggression.

I think this fearless exploration internally, combined with unconditional positive regard, is necessary to find efficiency.

I hope this is helpful or inspiring. It has been helpful to think it out and right it out. So thank you.

Kaitlyn U.
Welp usually when I'm bored or if I have any free time I just work on something!
For me I like drawing and writing and making DIY's so I just keep myself busy with them, also I try to make things for people who I love to see them happy!

Or maybe you can just take time to rest, having a break doesn't mean you're lazy.

You can try some of these
– go for a walk (don't forget to put on a mask)
– cook something with a friend or a beloved one
– call or text a beloved one
– read
– meditate
– clean your space
– do some yoga
– exercise
Those are the things I do when I have free time, hope I helped!

Nikolaj G.
I can use my time thinking about my self and searching what i like and what a want to do. I hope that i can fond my happiness and my satisfaction, i love spending time contemplating my whishes and creating my new dimention of anything i want

Grace U.
Sleep enough to have energy for doing tasks in a day
Turn your big tasks into little ones so you can do little things to complete the big things you’ve got to do
Do things that lighten up your mood so that you’re in a good and you are mentally capable of doing lots of work

Cali S.
You could tidy up your house or personal space, exercise, read or learn or anything that u need or would like to do. Accomplish som

Elise T.
I realise that there are so many things that I need to do by myself. In the other hand theavailable time is limited . I plan for the things to be doneand did then one at a time. In that sense I don't lazy around

C Me T.
Do something you enjoy but that is productive at the same time, like jamming along to your favorite album while ordering your room. Combine activities so you are motivated to do them

Idaira Z.
Might be best to ask why you are feeling that way? Are apps making you feel unproductive? Are you sleeping in? Maybe you don't sleep enough and feel tired all day. I think once you do figure that out, you can find a solution. In my case, I decided to take off social media when I'm close to a deadline. I also try to make list (big visible ones, not on phone) so I can see all I have to do and cross them out as I do them. Hope this helps. Goodluck on your journey

Emil P.
Laziness comes from a desire for everything to be easy or have everything take minimum effort. In order to effectively use one's time without laziness, the value of effort must be embraced first. Knowing that more effort produces consistent, worthwhile results will help to promote a desire to complete tasks, thus increasing efficiency. Focus on the ‘why’ of building habits and routines; reaching one’s goals means working towards them as much as possible and trusting that the results will become apparent with consistency. In summation, acknowledge and embrace the role of effort to achieve efficiency without laziness.

Fafon A.
You should have the clearly purpose “why you have to do it effectively, Why you want to do it great” it might knock your mind to realize again that’s why you want to change yourself

Mia B.
Taking the decision to use your time means that there are a couple of things you need to get done but have been procrastinating for a while. In my opinion, try making an environment that you like, for example, if you need to study, sit in a tidy place and rearrange your desk so you can be more comfortable.

Emily B.
First be kinder to yourself—whenever I feel like I’m wasting time I try to make sure I’m addressing all feelings of malaise/my needs first—laziness is a choice; having a hard time getting started isn’t. You’re not lazy you just need a routine—Fabulous will help!

Anas N.
Try to keep your phone away from you, you will find your self doing anything but holding it and eventually, you will start using your time effectively.

Elizabeth X.
It’s really hard, but just eliminate all distractions, I don’t mean things like family, I mean things like social media and YouTube. If you have it, delete it. You can always redownload it when you’re done with your work, but you might not always be able to turn your work in after. It’s important to realize this. If you’re having trouble letting go of social media, (I get it, it’s hard) then I suggest trying to recall every single post you saw last week, or video. If you can’t, then I hope that shows you how trivial social media is.

Ildem N.
First a to do list and a schedule may work. Also plan time for laziness and relaxation aside. Maybe at the end of the day for couple of hours or spread it throughout the day. When I dont do that I find myself sleep procrastinate for example. It may work as in you will keep in mind that you have time for yourself later anyways, so you can do what needs to be done right now. Good luck, lots of love! (By the way this made me realize my own planning mistakes and was very insightful!) best wishes ❤️🌸

Vivian N.
Start by trusting yourself. Decide what matters to you and what’s important for where you are (in life) currently. Assign time blocks to these important things. Also, prioritize rest!