What specific practice do you have to keep your to do list simple, creative, and productive?

Nicoline B.
This is something I’m working through right now. What’s been helpful for me is using the reminder app on my phone. There are lots of ways to tag and sort items. The more I learn about it, the more simple and fun it is to manage my to do list!
Alberto O.
I try to keep my habits with things I already do daily and that I know I am capable of, it a slow steady journey so even when I fail I pick myself up
Vanesa I.
Rather than using the A/B/C method recommended by Fabulous I use my own (very similar though). In my notebook, i've got three columns titled "must do/need to do/want to do". Doing tasks in the first two columns are my priority and until i finish them i try not to do any of the activities in the column "want to do"
Freja X.
Make smart goals. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. I like making lists and ticking off the items I've completed, this helps in gaining momentum to complete other things on the list that might be difficult or have less enthusiasm to do.
Jakub X.
Have a look at my next day, see what are should do, write it down meanwhile thinking of which great stuff i can do for myself, wrote them down too. That's it
Albenise C.
My list reflects my mind and is written in bullet point. But each point is framed in a way I understand and know how to execute.
Georgios F.
Be specific and make small to do list in beginning..and always…reward yourself for completing a task…that will motivate you to complete another…and increase your self confidence ….always prepare a fall plan…..beforehand…to maintain your integrity….for eg…if you couldn't complete particular task from your to do list…then how you will do it…like you can complete your incomplete task on sundays..or keep aside a extra time…or wake up at night..to do remaining work…anything like that….making fall plan it is the main trick….because when you are on a journey…falling is inevitable…..so…plan it before hand so that it won't take away your integrity….and confidence ……your focus should always be on completing the journey or task…here…fall or fail…is just a overrated fuss…this thing doesnt exist….
Joseph F.
Decide on 6 things to do tomorrow. Put them in a list in their order of importance. When you wake up do #1 until is finished (don’t even think about #2). When you are done go to #2 (forget about #1 and don’t think about #3). And so on until you call it a day. If you don’t get them all done it’s ok. Just place the ones that were left on the list for the next day. Do that everyday.