How do you block out the distractions?

Emily W.
I find that there are 2 things I do when I get too distracted: 1) write down a list and 2)take note of when I’ve become distracted. By creating a list, I realize what to do first, prioritize and take action, thus focusing me and deterring me from getting distracted. When I don’t have a plan I get distracted. And for 2, The more you notice yourself get distracted the quicker you can focus. But be sure to allow yourself time to be distracted . Every 45 minutes or so give your mind a lil break before jumping into the work again. I hope this helps!
Sherri X.
Switching off my phone and leaving it in another room. Setting a timer for dreaded tasks. Scheduling time for the activities on my daily to-do lists. Scheduling breaks between tasks. Schefuukung time for something fun at the end of a hectic day or tedious task.