What’s the best way to prioritize my to-do list each day? Do you use a specific priority system?

Andrea P.
I know myself. I prioritize ONE thing each day.
If there are more things I might end up doing none of them.
So, the one most important or most urgent thing is my only focus.
When it's done I can prioritize one new thing.
This way helps me focus.
Angie T.
Personally I prioritise them by the time that I know I’ll have. Before work/lunch time & after work are my free periods. So I would exercise before work. Lunch time I’d make calls/run errands in the hour that I have and then after work finish what I didn’t complete at lunch.
Tania Q.
I make sure it’s the very first thing I do in the morning! Selecting no more than 3 items makes things more simple and allows me to tackle them faster.
Hannah W.
First enter the must-be-done, next is the 2nd or third that must be done. Then one or two chunks of whatever the weekly or other bigger project of that time is.
Eve Y.
I have a small whiteboard with four quadrants. Daily weekly monthly yearly. I also added my to do list in my fabulous todo list 🙂
Asta Z.
Work to do list is my priority, which I generally commit to on my calendar and try to complete them each day. Normally the outcome of this would trigger the next TTD. To keep track of this i now am using Microsoft 365 planner. For personal TTD I tend to miss some of these and they move to the next day and so on.