How many items should my to-do list contain? How often should I check the to-do: once or twice a day?

Tracey E.
Some say just to focus on the top three most important things, but i always have more than that, including things like phone calls to make or small steps that keep things moving and there could be many of those. I’d say 1-2 longer tasks and 8-10 short ones. I’d check the list all day long to ensure you are staying on track.
Slavica C.
My morning checklists used to be decently big, like 9-12 items but some times I found that I couldn't complete them all every time so I evened out my checklists so my morning afternoon and evening all have around 4-5 items each. I check the app usually twice a day
Christian E.
It should only contain the to-dos for that day (I’ve been bad for putting things on there that aren’t that important) and therefore I keep putting them off. I have found that putting an -> on items I haven’t finished has helped. Too many is bound to fail, so make the commitment to do things that you set your mind to finish 🙂
Maja Z.
At least 7 things. It can be small things that you may not think important but the more elaborate it is on the list the better awareness you have of what you need to do.
Remind yourself at least 2 times to check to do list…
Amy G.
Your to do list should contain as many things you do on a daily basis and things you wish to . So as many as you wanna achieve. If you have an alarm set it’ll remind you . So
Louella P.
I try not to have more than thirty, no more than ten things that are extra to my daily routine. I try to check it off throughout the day but it usually ends up as three times a day.