I feel like I am the most creative in the evening, but I want to get most of my list done in the morning, any tips?

Felicia P.
Doesnt your list stem from your creativity? I want mine to for sure. Mundane but vital tasks on the list aside, could you “create” your list in the evening. Then rfine and execute in the morning? That leaves you free to create again.
Brandon Z.
I feel it’s a simple mindset really. I know I need to get up at 6am. I tell myself to have all my tasks complete by 7am before the rest of my day starts. I mix the order in which I do the tasks up so as to keep it interesting. I like the feeling of accomplishing those goals by ticking them off after I complete them all. I feel very satisfied knowing that I did all I set out to do. My daily planner though is done the night before as it helps me be more organized the following day, knowing that my plan is already in place…
Aaron F.
I just wanted to reply to this because I am in the same exact position and if you receive any tips I would love to hear them too.
Clinton J.
Try to find a good rythem. Go from the easiest/most mundane task to the ones you find most difficult/time consuming. Once you've got the easy ones down pat you can really focus your energy and self control on getting those last tasks marked off of your list.
Peyton N.
Legit, just base your day around the night. Your brain doesn’t even use its full power til like 10:00 so use that time to relax. Evening is clearly better for you anyway
Eduardo E.
I am like that also, but if you are on a great schedule when it comes to sleep then it can work out just fine. Since I know that as long as I am well rested my energy level is high, I use that time to get things out of the way that doesn't require being creative. Like exercising, cleaning and cooking. Then as I start to build up to my maximum creativity I spend time according. So, for me it's work in the morning, then school. Because I have been doing my business long enough that I can add inventory and things like that easily. But school is where I need my brain power the most and so that is where I use my afternoon and evening with the creative side and my brain power side of myself.
Erica J.
Create your list either the night before or in the am, to make a reassessment of your goals. In the am, prioritize the things you need to get done, and set your focus to complete what you can in the first half of the day. If you can make a priority list for your creative time, set those tasks aside for later in the day. If they are still priority, make a commitment to yourself that you will not put it off, and do what you said you would. Follow through on your actions speaks volumes to what you can achieve. Never give up, never be afraid to make a mistake. Remind yourself you are human and always be willing to learn from the situation.