When do you write your to-do list, in the evening or tomorrow, and why?

Cameron P.
Iwrite my to do list whenever im positive and i feel good about myself so that can mean anything from the mornong to the night its quite confusing useeally but ibmostly write in the afternoon because thats when im home from school witch is hard to work around since im in 6th grade
Thank you,Dani
Kitana Z.
I write in the morning because it helps me to organize my day ahead according to my priorities. In the evening I can review and adjust the plans.
T Rcio P.
Right now, I’m experimenting with morning to see how it works. I used to do it at night so I could feel at peace and ready for the next day.
Andrea Z.
I do it in morning. It helps me to go through the day. When i finish any task in a day I strikeout the task which gives me sense of achievement
Rene F.
I write my to do list in the evening when I know the plan for the following day. I think it is a good way to stay organized and on track. I find it very helpful.
Jar U.
I have been doing it in the morning, butican see the benefits of doing it the night before—allows you to focus on what you want
To achieve the next day. However my work to dos won’t happen until the morning, when I assess what needs to be accomplished for the day. I think this one is still a work in progress, to see what works best for me.
Marlene O.
I feel like it makes myself feel better and more productive if I write it the night before. That way in the morning when I wake up I’ll know exactly why I’m waking up early and what’s in store for the day. Refreshed and ready to go 🙂
Ken E.
I usually write my to-do list on Monday mornings. Just a list of things that need to be done through-out the week. It helps me to be productive at work and provides the motivation on Monday mornings so visualize what the entire week would look like.
Izzie E.
I prefer to do mine the next day in the morning. The reason is because by the end of the day, my brain and body are tired and I don’t make effective decisions. So I would rather wake up to a new day. Also, I do get home late, so this factors into my decision to figure out to do’s the next day. I try to keep my evening routine short and reduce decision making. I tend to over analyze and deliberate small decisions and the evening is not the best time to do it for me.
Garcia G.
I write it in the morning to get my brain on track but also review priorities in the afternoon and evening to help stay on track and optimize
M Lody T.
I do it in the afternoon when I’m updating my list with the things I have crossed off during the day. That way I’m set up ready for tomorrow and not spending time in the morning figuring out what I need to do!
Filippa A.
I try to do both, actually. I write out a general list of things that I want to do the next day at night, when I’m looking at my calendar to make sure I don’t miss any appointments, but I don’t prioritize any of them until the next morning. In the morning, I edit down the list to the most essential things to get done that day. I like to think that by writing out my to-do list twice I’m getting extra time to reflect on what’s actually important and what I can do, rather than trying to have it all come out right in one go.
L Onard P.
I personally like to make my to do list in the morning. It kind of gives me motivation to complete the tasks throughout the day but that’s just my personal preference.
Alexa T.
I write my to-do list in the morning every day. I prefer it that way because 1) I'm usually too tired and my mind is not clear enough in the evening and 2) The to-do list also works as a 'signal' for me that helps me get in the mood of acting. So I focus on what I have to do, I write and organize them on a to-do list and when the purpose is clear, I take action!
P. S. It's not a coincidence that the days I don't write my to-do list and try to remember the things I have to do my heart, I don't accomplish much.
Kristina T.
I like to do mine at night. They say you remember things better right before you go to sleep. Then when I wake up I’m more ready than I would be if I waited til morning to make to do list. I love the AM routine I have and I don’t have to fit it in something I already like doing. Hope that helps.
Terrance P.
I find it useful to write it in the evening so I can prepare everything I need to complete my to-do. I just have the "write my to do" habit on my night routine. I also review it in the morning so I can schedule everything on my list. That way I know when I have to start working on things. Remember that doing things beforehand (such as writing your to do list ahead of time) removes activation energy and makes it easier for the habit to stick AND it's easier to actually do the things on your list! I hope this helps you 😁
Cetin T.
Normally I wrote my to do in the evening so I was prepared for the next day, but getting to sleep was hard because I would think constantly about what I needed to do the next day. Often I also woke up with other motivation than the night before that almost always resulted in me not completing my to do list. Ao I started making them in the morning after eating and showering just before the day really would start. That is the moment I know what I can do today. Often Ican dan also take new developments in events etc into consideration without having to change my to do list completly giving me a reason to procrestonate in some of the things. In the evenings I had still some to do's in my head en ideas for the next day. I find that if I close my day with writing them on a sticky note and than make sure that I see it tommorow when making my list for the day that it calms mee down to get to sleep and that I do not forget al lot.