I work two jobs. When I’m working two shifts on the same day, there’s only to things to do on the list Job A then drive to job B…because of this I am having a hard time “making this a habit”. I work two shifts on the average 3 days/week. How do I modify my behavior on my double shift days?

Janet E.
Hi, I’ve never worked shift work, so difficult to advise, sorry. I would always say don’t over do it and put down too many habits which would be unrealistic to achieve. There’s a lot of habits too to choose from, so think carefully which ones you can achieve in your timescales and throw in a couple of challenging ones. Good luck. James
Oliver Z.
I would encourage you to add even small things to the to do list. The important thing here is to take a concrete moment to think about your day and everything it holds. On days where there’s only two things on your list, are there other things around the house you are hoping to get done such as laundry, dishes, or taking out the trash? If so, then add them. Also, it’s okay if you are not able to cross everything off each day. If there are things that need to get done, but likely won’t happen today, use your to do list as a holding pad to remind you to do them tomorrow.
Ivanka F.
I would ask you if you first shift starts at the same time every day. If you answer yes then I would say try to have a breakfast healthy breakfast/meal at this time every day.
Evan E.
I don't fully understand the question. Work backwards from exactly what the identified goal is… Visualize your outcome exactly as you want it. If you want it, make it happen. Be willing to place your goals at the top of your list. Invest in yourself. Be unwilling to accept otherwise. Well this has just turned into advice that I need to apply to myself as well! Just made me remember something I had forgotten… I had a temporary mentor/supervisor last year who left me with the best advice the first day I met him. He'd asked me about my goals & school. I told him that I'm one test away from getting my degree and have been for years. It just kept falling to the bottom of my list. He responded with "Well then you must not want it." *eyebrow raise* Me: "Say wha?" … He continued, (paraphrased) "My Dad always told me if you want something, you make it happen. If not, you don't want it." That stuck with me. I prioritized EVERYTHING else on my list that I "had" to do. My own goals weren't important enough to me to invest in. I got "too busy" to devote time/energy in myself and in my own goals. Now… I'm still a work in progress, but I'm making progress. Step one: Remember, you're important. Your goals are important. Step two: Define your self and your goals. Visualize what you want your life to look like and the type of person you want to be (extremely important to know how you want to interact with the world). Find people and/or forums that motivate or inspire you (got this advice from The Fabulous… I like TED talks). Step 3: DO it like Nike or Yoda or whatever it is… And when you fall into old habits because change is hard, don't beat yourself up or dwell on days that don't work out… Remember that visual… What you want life to look like! Get inspired again! Start over every day if you need to! Look at each moment as your opportunity to make good decisions for your self!
Ronnie J.
First off, dontworry about it hun.
I have work patterns which mean some days I dont do some of the things on my list, because they are not relevent at that time.
No one dies because I didnt do X at Y time of day. You work two jobs – thats enough stress already.

Nurture your habits when you have the time to focus on what you are doing; so it feels like a positive choice rather than yet another task.
Try choosing the
3 or 4 most important things that you want to become habitual, the things that feel most important for you personally.

Alfred R.
If you’re talking about making your todo list – I have the same problem because I work weird shifts as a nurse too. I wouldn’t stress about having only a couple things besides work. If you haven’t gotten the letters, there will be advice to focus on only three things at a time. And then later, there will be a letter/note for you to adjust your plans before you sleep. IMO, it’s more important to be aware of your to do list and attempt to accomplish two things rather than follow the apps instructions exactly.