how long does it usually take you to write down your to do list ?

Alexander E.
It takes me about 10 minutes? You just have to do it everyday at the same time (I do it in the morning or afternoon). Or everytime just immediately write down something that you remember and thats it.
Line E.
Planning is not historically my strong suit. But I am learning. It takes only a few minutes to plan what to do for the day making sure I have time for my biggest priorities. I use any additional time to make myself think ahead. Not stopping with this current day is helpful.
Friedrich Wilhelm F.
I time myself to write on my journal for no more of ten minutes a day. About 3 minutes is spent on my top 3 tasks. I align them to my priorities. The reason why I do my todos at the same time I make my journal entries is that it allows me to keep focus on what is really important.