What kind of tasks do you write in your to-do list? Do you include basic morning habits such as drinking water, exercising? Thanks

Benvindo E.
Not so much, I tend to try and write down more important tasks that are likely to slip my mind as I go about my day. Basic habits such as these are included in my morning ritual and thus are not required in my to-do
Alfredo U.
I realized something profound about my Todolist this morning. It should not contain any tasks that do not require effort or will be done eventually anyway. Space should be reserved for things that will actually make a difference in my goals for the future. Things towards the big achievements, personal and professional.

Small and relatively unimportant things and habits should not go on the Todo list.

Veril Ndia E.
No. Not tasks like drinking water unless I have a barrier towards it. I try to write tasks that are a little more complex.
L Rke P.
More things like running errands and looking at my calendar helps to see what else I can throw in my day like cook a healthy meal or go to the store. For me I need to plan my day a little more to incorporate things I enjoy.
Emily E.
Ok. So, im a school going student and im currently on my vacations .
I usually write that i have to complete my fabulous routine instead of writing drinking water,excercise etc. Otherwise the other habits may include like oiling my hair,steaming my hair,completeing my homework etc.
Eline G.
I usually include the tinest details like drink 500ml water, take meds and vitamins, drink coffee with a small snack, etc.
Jimmy U.
I write things that differ each day like projects and tasks related to them. I only put habits if they’re new ones I’m trying to establish and can easily forget.
Emma E.
I write down the important tasks on my mind that morning. It’s good because even if it doesnt get done that day it’s goes on the next day and I realize the things that aren’t getting done.
Claudete Z.
I write two to-do lists, the first is when I wake up… I aim that one at my whole day, (not including work) and give myself an idea of what I want to accomplish by the time I go to sleep. It can be difficult when I first wake up to find the inspiration to put "study 20 minutes of spanish" on my to-do list for later in the day. When I do though it almost always ensures I get it done. I know from nearly the moment I wake up what I want to accomplish.

Then my second to-do list is first thing when I get to work. I simply line out my goals for the day at work.

I consider these two lists very seperate and rarely do they intertwine. Hope this helps!

Vickie U.
Items that are daily such as drinking water and cleaning I leave to my routine. Unique task such as research information needed, or going out to complete a procrastinated task like job search or marketing moves to grow my own business. Exercise is on there because it’s different every day so I like to be specific with what I am going to do. Following up with clients. Identify what is holding me back and make each go smart. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time based. 🙂
Lloyd T.
Hi there, no I don’t write those things. I map out my entire day by time. I’m essentially self employed so creating timelines helps me stay on track. I even set a “timer” for making my goals for the day.

On Sundays I look at the whole week and map out my workouts and training for the week considering any hired work or travel. At the beginning of the month I always look at my month and I assess my whole year quarterly.

If you ever have questions you may ask!

Dustin S.
I include basic tasks such as the ones you wrote above. I advise breaking down big tasks such as “studying something” to small tasks (“write hw”, “ schedule what I’ll do today” “do the thing”, “organize desk”).
I also advise you to write “eat breakfast/lunch/dinner/a snack”, “taking a shower” and such.
Good luck!
Ma Lys T.
I don't include those habits on my to-do list because Fabulous is already kind of a checklist for those things. I find it's best to keep it simple: write out the big things I have to do as I plan for the day, then break down those as I go about my day.