How many tasks do you usually put on your to do list and why?

Lola T.
11-15 tasks. I put in anything that crosses my mind. Even if it's something I know I probably won't get to, at least it gets the task on my radar.

Sacha F.
All of them. I have one master list that I add to all the time, critical on top. You've got to do triage once a day (same time you look at your calendar) to make sure you haven't missed anything. I try to tackle the most crucial or unpleasant one first. Then I feel good about the rest of the day. Also, all major to-do items take twice as long as you think they will.

Cemal U.
I usually put about 7 to 10 things on my to-do list. Some of these things are repeating things for the day like yoga and language learning but I also have 3 things I want to do for my PhD and at least 2 things at home or on calendar stuff.

Vickie U.
I try to work on the principle of the Big 5 & the Little 3, which I came across in my readings.
• Set the Big 5 Things you want to achieve for the coming week on Sunday before the work week starts (aligned to your bigger Goals – Month, Year, 5 Year).
• Set the Little 3 Things which will enable you to achieve the Big 5 by the end of the week each day.
• Plan your week ahead & how you allocate your time to achieving your “Big 5” …
• There will always be a hundred & more other To Do’s for the week. Business, Personal & other …
But Focus on these to achieve your Goals …

Johanne G.
I keep two lists: Tasks and Priorities. Tasks contains everything that needs to be done in the near future, all the things that I need to not forget. Priorities is what I plan to focus on today, and it's not allowed to be more than 3 items long (unless the items are very quick things, in which case they get lumped into the Priority "cross off the little stuff"). If I get at least one big Priority done and the Tasks list doesn't grow too much, it's a good day.

I've been doing this for a year and it really works. Three priorities to attend to today keeps me focused on what's really important (as opposed to what somebody thinks is urgent but maybe isn't as important or even as urgent as they think), keeps the list from being overwhelming, and keeps me from that feeling that no matter how much you get done you can never finish the list. Because let's be honest, more tasks come in per day than a person can possibly do while finishing all the other things on the list in one day. And if you could, what would you do tomorrow?