What should always be on the to-do list of a student?

Erin U.
Students always have to try to get away from their phones. We also try to study but we always watch our phone and procrastinate all the time. We also always add to study for at least an hour or more a day and to revise for upcoming tests
Taylor J.
Recreational time or time to break away from study and stress.
A nature walk, going to the movies with friends or some other kind of downtime to reset yourself.
Toleen N.
Any kind of simple task like doing the dishwasher is great because you may not get anything done on that day but you'll still feel good about yourself because you did something.
Melissa N.
I have a child I’m college and I can’t get him to use a physical planner/agenda however he has started to use his phone as one and admitted that I was right all these years about how helpful it can be to keeping
Yourself organized in just about everything
Christoffer B.
I think it's the word "homework" or "study", but it is obviously. Students should have a word on own to-do list: "have fun", because the students should have time ti have fun
Sanwali F.
Instead of just writing down your normal routine, a to-do list must have a time specified for mindfulness. There must be breaks between the study sessions. There must be a time mentioned for exercising and relaxing your soul. There must be a time for your favourite activity, despite of all the tasks that you should do on a given day.
Cathy E.
There should always ve a little bit of time for yourself. Even if its just for fifteen minutes or less. U can make small breaks during the day, but never forget that yourself still exists with you and is the one that can trully help you with whatver you are going through. So, if u treat them right and give them some time to take care of, and appreciation, its gonna be more relaxing when u get back to work. Otherwise u might be in danfer of a burndown. Whole body paralyzed, the mind cant seem to be in one place and everything shuts down. As much as ur brain tells u to get up and do smtz as much as u try to force urself out of that state, the body itself will not move, bc it enforces u back to take a break. An unhealthy break. It is equal to when u get only six hours of sleep, but u have gone to bed after three AM and waking up tired feeling beaten up
Suzana P.
On the to do list of every student, there should be at least a 15 min break, or even 30 min of relaxing or doing their favourite hobby. Its a blast of serotonin in the brain, but the person ought to take that break after having put a consistent effort of work, so the "achievement" feeling works too.
Gisa S.
You write what you have to study,focus on,youu want to be flaunt in it and to make the hardest last thing to study during to them take your energy and making you soo tired to complete your studying.
Sofia N.
1: Finish your morning routine before school.
2: School 🏫
3: Walk back home 🏡
4: Homework 📄
5: Eat something small.
6: Power nap 💤
L Ily N.
Doing everything (can be modified as needed) ahead of time is a good idea to put on the list so you won't have to worry about the task later.
Gauthier C.
Stop to reflect what you are wanting to achieve, and why you are wanting to achieve it.

That opportunity gives you a chance to refresh internally and understand why you need to invest the time and effort in to working hard, and then supports you in understanding and keeping on track with exactly what it is you're wanting to do.

Ashley P.
A student should always carve out time to reset and breathe. Even if it’s only five minutes in the morning, meditation and reflection can completely change your mindset, especially during busy and stressful times as a student.
Emily G.
See I'm also a student and I think that if you are a teenager then you should have self love on the top of the list and then second thing should be studies and on the third place we should have slef care.
Petra O.
I think the first thing a student needs is a better sleep and a relaxed body so these should be on his/her list and the main chore in learning is to study so there must also be adjusted study schedule. And I think studying is more fun when you do something fun after studying so it is better to have recreation activity contained.
Sherry F.
Doing your homework should be at the top of a students to do list. It will help with stress and get things out of the way and help with life as well.
Julia Y.
Maximum time should be kept for your study and the rest has to have mental and physical health care. Also make sure to have time for cooking rather than eating outside.
Bartolomeu N.
Study daily.
Self care is important to practice. Realise when you are getting too stressed and take breaks once in a while. Prioritise what feels necessary at that point.
Eat and drink enough water, sleep for at least 6 hours daily.
Exercise (short walks around the house is a good start) will help keep your mind fresh.
Tracy C.
I went over an article once that showed a poll of how much study time students thought was healthy verses how much they actually did and I was surprised to see how much they studied compared to how much they thought was healthy. This is why it's important to set boundaries for your time spent studying and make it a goal to study for a few hours each day. Another important thing is to take notes of what you think is important! Your notes may look different for each class and you may only take notes for a few of your courses but as long as it helps you study, that's all that matters!
Dani A.
– Meditation
– Write a daily to do list
– Exercise
– Make time for play
All of these things help reduce stress and focus the mind.
Albaraa U.
Tidying up his mental attitude so that good ideas can find out a well designed road into his/her intellect/recognition/perception..
Rida E.
There should be studying bcz students should study.There should be taking shower, being hygenic and Yhere should be walking or exercising. There should also be sitting outside.Its good to have fresh and natural air
Toleen N.
You should always have work. Eg. Science work
I like to also add the really basic things like doing the dishwasher, because it makes me feel accomplished.
Evelyn U.
The most important ones are doing homework, or revising for tests, but I also believe students shouldn't spend ALL their time studying and have some time for hobbies aswell. But sometimes, well you have to leave the hobbies for a while and focus on catching up with extra work you might very missed, as a GSCE art student I have to spend loads of time on my art work and don't do art as a HOBBY that much.
Lucy Z.
Not so much something to be on the list, but something to try and do all the time. Try and guarantee time and enviorment to be able to reflect properly on what needs to be done and focused on, and then atleast one task to be done regardless of if it will successful. Specially in University where most of the work is due to self research and trying to find what one trully wants to investigate and work on. By guaranteeing time to think things through and atleast one thing that might go towards that goal is really important. What I mean with it being okay to fail is that sometimes one needs to dedicate time to investigate a topic before figuring out what trully needs to be done
Gueir Q.
Doing daily work as it will refresh your memory from what you heard in class and will be a great help during exam season….Also remember to take short breaks in between study sessions.
Oliver X.
To do list of a student should always have reading time for the subjects and homeworks but he should not neglect his/her daily life
Geneva F.
Review your planner and check what is due both tomorrow and the next day. Get the jump on big projects so you don’t forget they’re coming by doing this. Have a ‘today’ folder and a ‘this week’ folder to move your assignments between so you have everything in one place. When the today folder is empty, you’re done! Move them to a ‘done’ folder so they don’t get lost. If you’re all digital, you can still do this, just copy/paste the assignments into folders on your desktop or in a cloud.
Kidri N.
I'd say a break. It might sound dumb, and breaks aren't even somethings "to-do", it can only be put in a schedule. However I'd say always have a coffee break in your to-do list because it can actually be helpful. /gen
Trust the process(lol) /lh
Kent F.
You should always some sort of study time. Where you can get your work done and complete all the tasks you need to get ready for the next day.
Tonya U.
on a student's to-do list there should always be activities through which he can relax, such as drawing or painting, and only lastly homework and projects
Debra L.
You should study main subject first such as English maths science or whatever you find hard and divide them into parts and use the pomodoro method to organise your study periods +++ you should search for study methods and techniques by searching 'A+ students secrets ' and try them , good luck 🫶
Alexandre P.
1. Stay hydrated! 2. Cook one proper dish a day (or take a small step learning how to) 3. Practice managing your money well (this will only get more important) and 4. Start your dissertation in good time!
Wayne A.
Timing, a beginning and an end to the study to then focus on relaxing tasks. Give your best during the study time because you know you can relax later and once that time is over, try to not think about studying for the rest of the day.
Lena T.
Wake up early enough to review today's homework, exercise for a little, eat a good breakfast or at least something, lotsss of waterrr, go to school (ofc get ready for school I think its obvious)
Faustine Q.
Are you prepared for the next day? Do you have your books in one place and are all of your readings done? Do you have snacks and a lunch made so you don't have to rush in the morning?
Brooklyn Z.
How do you include repetitive chores on ones to do list? Do you write down sweep the floor or clean the bathroom every week? Do you break it down into smaller tasks?
Letitia O.
Daily review, this way you can go over what you have learned for the day when the information is fresh in your mind. You may end up seeing something you hadn't seen before that you needed to.
Ken A.
A tidy desk first with water and fruits next to you.
For to do: put first the hardest courses because you can think clearly in the first part of the day (9AM – 5PM). Take a 10 mins break every hour.
Leave the easy ones at the bottom of the list.
Don't forget to sleep 8h/day and learn everyday and not only when approaching exams. Good luck!
Lori U.
It doesn't have to be every single day of the week, but make sure you have adequate time dedicated to homework and planning each week. It's not always obvious that planning ahead takes time in itself, so adding it to your schedule or to-do reminds you to get organized for the next day and helps you work more efficiently later.
Bertram W.
At least take the notes, finding a way to interact with the data you're given in any way is crucial, if you can make a small project or a speech about topic given, that's even better. But … Take👏👏The 👏Notes👏 please
Shawn F.
I think there are two very important things that students should have on their to do list.

First, I recommend scheduling time for your personal care, so you don’t lose capacity to keep fighting through material each day. In my view, it can feel like you are ending things early, when really, you’ll be giving yourself the time you need to make sure you are well – and will help you do better in the long run.

Second, I think it is very important to build in time to review your work. I usually through down a rough draft, then wee work it as I re-read the work that I’ve done. It can be hard to fill the page – but it’s much easier to fix things that look wrong afterwards. Don’t let perfection get in your way!

Mirela O.
I think that 30 mins of reading should always be on a student's to-do list because reading just has so many benefits. From experience, it has really expanded my vocabulary and my focus. There were times when I was also inspired to write a story of my own! For me, reading is fun and I think all students should read more often.
Praseedha C.
A pending assignment. Never having anything pending and starting fresh each day is a fantastic tip to keep up in your academics
Chester S.
It might seem study, but I belive that if that argument really can’t make it to your head just stop. Go for a walk. Do a little meditation or yoga. But NEVER eat before or in the middle of study because all the energies will be in your stomach and less in your mind to study.
Isabella Z.
Hello stranger!
As a student myself, I can confidently give advice on that matter. What is most important is knowing what you want/need to learn. You could write that topic on a To Do. If you have a more bigger- or even multiple things you need to learn, it is always helpful to divide different topics into smaller pieces you can focus on. Every day, you can highlight some topics/pieces you want to complete on your To Do. This helps in having a more broad overview over what needs to be done and is therefore an important thing on my list.
Another thing that is always on my to do is doing breaks. This can include lunch breaks when studying from home or just small 30 min. breaks in the afternoon. Taking breaks is important for maintaining focus, disconnect and not getting numb overtime so it's definitely a priority as I see it. Personally, I prefer to set my breaks on fixed times everyday cause it establishes some kind of routine.
So to sum up, what always finds place on a To Do list of a student should be the topics you want/have to study (if it's multiple things preferably split them up) and taking breaks for rest and focus (based on my personal opinion and experience)
I hope I could be of help and that my answer might be an inspiration or anything.
I wish you a wonderful day/night and I believe that you can achieve everything you set your mind up to.
You can do it mate, you deserve it!

Farewell 🙂
– another stranger

Julcenira O.
Deep work as it is necessary to focus on studies first then morning exercise and meditation and journelling so as to keep track of yourself.
Sophia O.
One thing that should be on all students to do lists is waking up on time. A lot of students struggle with getting up early for school, but it must be done. This is why having it on your to do list is very helpful, all so you can check off that little box, saying you completed it.
Nolan Q.
You should put the hardest task the subject that you really need to be better at it as long you finish the hard ones the happier you get
Kiara E.
Might sound lame but when I was growing up a wise man told me always start your day by making your bed. Now its a habit that drives me crazy if I dont. If I had to add one more, more realistic to-do as a student, I would say try your best not to procrastinate. Just get straight to work and get adequate rest at night. 💗 one more lol. Pick your clothes out the night before 💗 all things I didn't do consistently, but when I did, I totally saw and enjoyed the outcome.
Marvin G.
A student's to-do list should always include the following:

1. Attend classes regularly and on time.
2. Take notes during lectures and review them regularly.
3. Set aside time for studying and completing assignments.
4. Stay organized by keeping track of deadlines and important dates.
5. Seek help from teachers or tutors when needed.
6. Take care of physical and mental health by getting enough rest, exercise, and eating healthy.
7. Stay engaged in extracurricular activities that interest them and add value to their personal and professional growth.

Hanne Lore S.
Self Discipline is very important. Have a plan to save money, work, exercise, study, meditate/self reflect and continue to enhance your spirituality.
Eric T.
I would suggest a good night's sleep because sleep deprivation robs you of the ability to absorb the knowledge you are given at school.
Keith U.
Time for yourself, maybe reading or walking or just resting. And I would add like 20 minutes a day of revising what you learned that day in school, it really helps to remeber it all
Jociano S.
Probably doing something that will relax you and help you understand your worth and your purpose. Examples of this is meditation, therapy through videos and reflection. It can also be an ordinary task such as taking a warm shower,reading a good book or listening to a podcast. Just do what pleases you and enjoy your day!
Angelita Q.
Self-care! You can't pour from an empty cup, and school is a lot! Take care of your needs so you can provide your best work in class.
Till E.
First of all at least have 3 task atleast
You must have your tasks have sub task ( divided them into small chunks)
As for a student I myself have
• a 30 min reading session
• learning session of
2 hrs 1 subject ( which includes learning of notes and writing practice )
I add more things like chap I need to do like
Que of bio, phy numerical, eng reading
and so on
Next it's important to relax your brain
•meditate ( it's not like you need to listen to some nature sounds or podcast you can do it by listening to your favourite song).
• Sleep 7-8 hrs ( stop your screen time )
That's all hope it will be helpful.
Sadia F.
Depends on what kind of student you are. If you are a student looking for serious study level then on your to do list focus work should be on your to do list. If you are a fun go lucky lighthearted student then just add smile or mirror or motivational or positive energetic music on your habit list. I just saw that you wrote "to do". But.. To do depends on you. What do you think are the works you can finish today?
Haribo N.
no.1 list of homework assignments

if you list down all your assignments you got from each class, you won’t be overwhelmed by what you have to do and what you don’t!
it would also be good if you write down project due dates so you know when to turn it in! longer assignments can be done after you do the shorter assignments that are due earlier!

no.2 bring a school snack (if allowed)

many of my teachers allow us to eat snacks during class, as long as we aren’t messy, and if we throw away our trash. a school snack can also help energize you, IF you brought a healthy snack, and it’s not chips or candy.

no.3 a plan to organize your space

organizing is a big important thing for a student. having an organized backpack and space would improve your school life drastically, and no losing assignments either!

Vidhi W.
I believe we all are lifelong students so one must always have learning a new skill in their to do list apart from the usual curriculum which is expected
Vanessa G.
Always prioritize your rest. This includes mental rest as well as sleep. On top of trying to get at least 8 hours of sleep regularly, it’s important to schedule out your day ahead of time so you can use your time efficiently (which makes it less stressful) and give yourself time to relax, talk to family or friends, do something you enjoy, meditate, etc… to recharge. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care how much you pour without refilling.
Noam S.
I have a routine to follow to help as a guide incase I forget, but I personally have different to do lists, I have a separate app that I keep track of my college tasks and reminders, but my other tasks and personal reminders are in another app. Sometimes I also have a paper or a notebook that I can just write down the list of steps I need to take in order to complete the current task that I have, so I wont get lost or overwhelmed.
Sofie G.
Since I am also a student, I like to check my grades and emails first before I start working on classwork. This helps me to know what subjects my stuggling in and what work I can do from home. Hope this helps! 🙂
Sara C.
The first thing on the To Do List of a Student is to have a good amount of revision before moving on to the next topic. Also you should revise whatever you have studied the previous day so add spaced repitition to your To Do List!
Jordan J.
Do things that make studying more enjoyable. If you feel that you're too busy to study and you never have time for yourself, turn studying into something you look forward to. When you combine the two, you start seeing studying as "me" time. Tips: light a candle next to the area you study, drink your favorite beverage while you do it, if your homebody get cozy put on socks put on a robe. If you are extroverted, go to a coffee shop dress up. You have to do what's going to put you in the best mindset while studying. Don't do what everyone thinks is best for you, do what makes you the most comfortable.
L Onie O.
First of all there should be necessary schedule like to drink water related to health and what chapter what subject at what time to do should be there
Tha S P.
It's been a long time since I've been a student. But if I were to say some advise to a younger me, I would probably tell them to actually make a to-do-list, duplicate the activities on it stick it on your wall, mirror wherever you can see it. And tick off what you accomplish.

What should be on it really depends. Obviously time to study, time for assignments, time for yourself to do some meditation work/reflection/jam out to music, time to get outside for at least 30mins a day – because we all know some fresh air is always good for you, and acknowledgement of what you have completed – I think that it is good to make a list but it's even better when you take the time to acknowledge your own efforts.

Danny F.
One thing I always imagine about being a good student is organizing everything. so maybe organizing time and efforts is better
Felix N.
Study schedule, how much one is going to study for the day, if one needs to collect material. Mostly what is you are going to for that day
Janice P.
I have three suggestions: journal, meditate, and 10 Minute Tidy. First, journaling; even if you have bad writing, it's still good to wrote down your memories and what happened throughout the day. Meditation has been proven to help sleep at night and, most importantly, gets you off stress. In meditation, you don't need a perfect grade. You just breathe. Finally, the 10 Minute Tidy. Use 10 minutes a day to just organize your room/dorm/space. This can make you feel accomplished and makes your environment clean, organized, and also makes you happy.
Marie G.
1. If she/he is a students then completing the homework given on the day itself is very important, because it help students to be consistent in one's field.
2. Going through what she/he has studied or learned today once before going to bed help them understand and plan out the tasks to perform next day.
3. After planning out everything for tomorrow there should be an hour or half maybe before shutting down, for themselves to recover from the odds that happened to them today. In that time they can read a book or journal their thoughts, their insecurities, they can also journal their gratitude. They can also listen to their fav music or just have a post dinner walk underneath the sky.They can also do some sort of yoga to calm themselves out before sleeping.
Byron P.
I would say that finishing homework or studying should always be on a list. The first thing a student should do when they get home is to start their work from school. Procrastinating it and saying “I’ll do it later!” won’t help at all. The homework gets pushed back to a further time resulting to frantically working to finish late at night. If you do it right away there won’t be any problem you have to worry about. 🙂
Henry Z.
A to a do list of a student should be eaten healthy breakfast study but don't over work yourself always pay attention and have fun!
Gustav W.
One thing that should always be on a to- do list of a student is study time. I know study time seems basic but it is very important
Aaditya O.
The thing that always should be on a students to do list is something that no one can tell you. This is because the most important task varies from person to person also depends on your capacity to learn and your mental capacity too . So the first thing you should do is to spend time with yourself and identify your weekeness in a topic or a subject and add that to your to do list. It can be anything, anything the you may have been delaying or find difficult etc .if you dont have anything like this then the first thing the you should add is a section of extra co curricular activities apart from studing because you are already ahead of your class mates . But remember adding this dosent mean you have to do these extra curricular all the time , you still need to study for some solid hours which you had been doing previously just decrease it by 2 hours and continue your routine
Zuleica P.
Loving ourselves
And studying for a better future
Try to maintain a routine and engage more with books and people
Try to reduce anxiety and be more socially active person
Personal hygiene is the must thing .and follow a skin routine day and night
It will help u a lott in coming ages
.I'm pretty sure about it
Try to spend time with parents and pets
Wakeup and do exercise.a good body gives u a confidence and love ourselves
Thank you.🌚
Nour R.
A task list is a prioritized list of items that need to be completed within a specific amount of time, often in the immediate future. For students, it includes a mix of academic tasks (such as readings, homework, and assignments) and personal tasks (such as appointments and errands)
Kyle U.
Personally I think that getting simple projects done in that day or even the next is very beneficial for your free time, and more time to work on major assignments.
Mary R.
Before writing to-do, a student must have a strong determination and sincerity. In to-do, one can write his/her aim regarding completion of topics,chapter or assingnments+ creative work to do in a day+ to attempt test for self analysing in studies+ other task. Also a challenge with a reward of ☆ ☆☆☆☆ for him/herself can be included,like they can be drinking water after every 3 hrs, no mobile phone distraction for 24 hours,etc.
I hope your to-do list at the end of the day complete with( filled )⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and ✅ checkbox.
Mah Z.
We always have to focus on our studies as best as possible, so I always add: Write my assignments in my diary, so I can plan better during my study time, organize my study material first of all, to keeping everything really clean and it makes me focus and gives me the feeling of motivation. Well that was it, clearly there's a lot more, and with the Fabulous app you have a lot more options for tasks.
S Ren N.
DefinitelyWaking up early, staying away from technological devices
Resting one's head by doing meditation-style things
He should always have a goal, remember his goal when his motivation drops, and be able to recover.
Prepare their own course work schedule
Must work regularly
He should not fall into despair when he fails
Should not eat too heavy meals
Shea X.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been a student but I think the to-do list should include homework assignments, having fun, sports of interest if any.
Ion N.
I think the assigments that they have or homeworks. Also, in my opinion a student must have always a plan made to get ahead at the courses they have.
Alexis Z.
On a students to do list study should always be there as it is what can help you become more successful in life it can get you a lot of things like happiness when everyone congratulates you,love from parents and teachers and you will be treated more respectfully
Silas N.
Something that should always be on a to do list of a student is for one, to eat. If you don’t eat you feel tired and fatigued. Another thing that should be on the to do list of a student would be to to your homework.
Garima P.
A student should properly manage the tasks and prioritize them. Rather than working on tasks that are complex, it's better to work on tasks that are most important and those which matter. A schedule for study with intervals of breaks is hence required. A deadline should also be written on the to-do list of a student. By breaking big work to smaller tasks it will be more actionable to work on them. Organizing to do list by work flow, priority and due date etc. These factors should always be mentioned on the to-do list of students.
Jean E.
Something that lets the brain on freestyle. Either cooking, drawing, gaming, music… Something somewhat relaxing that also have some kind of immediat result. To keep you motivated.
Jonas C.
I feel that time dedicated for self care routine is important. To do thier hobbies to keep a positive mind set and time to self after or before a day of chaos is detrimental to keep a clear mind set.
Frederick Y.
I think that there are two ways to go with this and that would be either homework and chores, or to make sure that you include downtime in your to do list.
Anatol Q.
So i am not that sure,its just an opinion.
So i think:
•Doing homework
•Planning your day for tommorrow
•Having a scheldue
•Being productive
Lily P.
The priorities of study and discipline should be the topmost task on the list of a student as 'Education leads to successs'. Be sure to give yourself some break and begin again what was left.
Andr Ia N.
A practice session should always be one of your top priorities
Whatever you study you need to do questions so that you could quiz yourself and understand where you stand
You can also take help from your parents because if there's somebody else involved in checking the result our performance increase by some scale
Britt G.
The to do list of a student should be in a proper manner. The first thing it should contain is getting up early. Getting up early helps in so many things and it also gives us alot of time. Second thing should be study, not a normal 1 hour study but 3 hour study session. Then cleanliness of surroundings is important. What you is is what reflects back. These are the main things that should be on a Students to do list.
Brett X.
To always work as hard as you can and always give it your all and will do well. Even if you fail you get back up because it will be more worth it in the end!!
Soham T.
1. Select the best time for your studies as the time differs for everyone. Some wake up early and start with their studies in a fresh mind and calm weather. Whereas some studies late night in the calm atmosphere without any chaos.
2. Make a goal of what and how much you have to study in a day.
3. Calm your nerves down before starting with the studies.
4. Take a break of 10 minutes after every 30 minutes of studying.
5. Stay hydrated.
6. Eat enough food.
7. Sleep well.