How to make a to do list more interesting?

Myriam V.
Include rewards after completing certain tasks! Something you enjoy that fits in both your money budget and time budget. It could be as simple as having some chocolate covered strawberries or taking a bubble bath after finishing a project. Or opening the good wine bottle after finishing several tedious chores. Or even just ordering in from your favorite restaurant! Use your favorite things as incentives to complete tasks.
Noa A.
نمی دونم ولی خیلی دوست دارم از روز هام لذت ببرم خیلی خیلی یه برنامه روزانه باید همه چی داشته باشه من بهش نرسیدم ولی سعی میکنم برسم
Nicole Q.
Dont just include things you have to do, like chores and work, also include things you want to do for fun, like buy a pot plant
Sarah Q.
Making it organized. Colours, nice paper/writing tools or digitally: emojis, colour coding, bucket listing (sub lists and projects grouped)