What do you for a to do list?

Danielle Morgan
I’m very forgetful. My to do list is a combination of simple chores, things to remember, and things I want to accomplish for the day. Even if they’re small, I’ll put it on the do to list. I get pleasure from crossing them off too.

Lena Simon
I use an electronic to-do list. I use Kanbana for my daily, tomorrow, weekly, next week, monthly, and hold tasks. It gives me a visual approach that works for me. Use a to-do approach that works for you. Experiment until you find what works for you.

Stefani Deutschmann
My three most important tasks for the next day. One of them will be easy, to keep me going, but I like to start with the hardest task first. It gives my day direction and intention. Lately, since my work has slowed down, I use it to decide which books I’m going to read. When I visit the list in the morning I remember the reason why I chose that book and it gives me motivation. Either that or someone I should get in touch with.
If I tick an item off and it doesn’t feel satisfying, this is a sign that I need to do more.
It’s kind of like a productivity tracker but much lower investment.