How do you incorporate this in your daily routine and organize how you write the to-do list?

Margie B.
I keep a bullet journal which stays open on my desk or travels with me throughout the day in my bag. I record items as they occur to me. Every evening I review my to do items for the following day and consider how I will attempt to complete each item. Every few weeks I organize the coming months pages and record long term items or projects.
Agathe C.
As soon as I get to my desk at work, before I log on, I pull out my little list diary and just start. I’ve reviewed my work and personal calendars the night before, then I think about what I need to get for the house, myself, the dog!
Taylor U.
I journal in the evenings, that is the time when I make my to do list. In the morning I review it and change it if needed.
And I use the bullet journal method