How has keeping a to do list helped to keep you focused?

Ralph O.
It has. It’s better to see what I have to do written down on paper than keeping a “to do” list in my head. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment when I see something checked off and continues to motivate me to complete my other tasks.
Ross O.
Writing out my to do list helps me sort thru all of the crazy clutter in my mind and helps me stress less. I'm able to see my priorities and I also do not have to do everything that I'm thinking I should do. I can focus on the list and feel successful if I finish what's on the list.
Ritthy U.
It helps me to reduce procrastination by not allowing myself to dwell on “what I should be doing” question or getting really anxious about all the task loosely floating in my head. It also helps me to selectively “forget” things that I need to be doing
In S Z.
Having a to do list sets my intention for the rest of the day. I always keep it in my line of sight so that I am constantly reminded by it at every moment of that day.
Stacey T.
It helps me remember the things I want to do because I physically write them down on my to do list. Then when I get distracted or don’t have anything to do, my memory usually tells me that there is something for me to do.