How do you make sure you execute your To Do list?

Alicia Y.
I tend to be very task oriented so for me being able to look at a fully marked off to do list at the end of the day is incredibly gratifying
Apolline N.
I use post it notes and stick them on something I can see, often. Then I copy the list onto my laptop main screen with a "post it" app.
Pedro O.
I demand from myself that I do it. I do not put too many things on it. I do not do anything else than the things on my to do list.
Britney P.
Keep it simple and filled with things of higher importance. This way you’ll be focused and mindful and not overwhelmed my number of tasks.

You can keep your list of “everything” at the separate place as a reference and a reminder that you’ll refer to when creating your day plan.

Silke E.
I have a little pocket notebook that I put in my pants right away. So when I sit down I feel it and it reminds me to write my to do list. I love it because I have a bad memory and having a notebook remember everything so you don't have to is great.
Ricky F.
I think about handling a streak. And if I don’t have one I tell myself let’s make some progress. Getting things done is important. It separates two types of people and I’d like to see myself with the people who are on the top. Take your dream and picture it. Or a fantasy you have think about. How each action heads to it one way or another. Even though it might not feel that way it does. And if you want to picture it clearer and stronger write about it. I plan writing about the first day of school until it starts. One of my goals is to become my best self. In this “vision” I see myself far from where I am now. I picture my first day of school as a checkpoint in my improvement and I’m working towards it. Build and stack success you won’t see progress right away but keep pushing and striving and try staying consistent it’s a major key in completing your routine I hope this had helped
Anne C.
By making sure my work is manageable, having a to do list that can be done that day and not trying to cram in too much. It’s also important that I avoid making the task itself too big because then I just won’t get started.