How many times a day should you check your to-do list?

Laurine Q.
I personally check it about every two hours to make sure I do everything when I wanted to. But if you can remember all your tasks you don’t need to look at the To-Do-List as often.
Suzy S.
Depends on the time Of the day for example at night time I will make a to do list and it will usually have :
Clean room

Make hot chocolate

Drink water right before going to bed

Get ready for bed


Mood chart


Sometimes I will have extra things I want to accomplish or things that pushed back from earlier so if it is a simple to do list I will check it about 3-5 times if I check it to many times i start getting a little stressed. If the to do list is a little more complicated I will check about 10-15 times just because I have more things to think about. Also if I focus on one thing at a time I feel less stressed and overwhelmed, when I do and check off one thing at a time I feel more calm and at peace.
Ava 2020