Do you plan fun tasks in?

Tracey J.
I try to whenever I can, though I can’t seem to find the time to. In the new year, 2020, I hope to be able to do this more. Maybe going to musicals, art shows, museums, classes, theatres, skydiving, ziplining, bunjee jumping, etc. I want to be able to have fun without wanting to post it on instagram.
Solano Q.
Not usually, no. However, I was *just* thinking about writing a to-do list to deep clean my house that includes watching a movie/show as breaks between each cleaning task/room to keep me motivated. Do you?
John C.
Yes, most tasks that I plan in are fun. At least for me. Of course, there are many tasks which I HAVE to do like cleaning the house, studying for a subject or washing the car etc that doesn’t bring me as much joy as fun tasks. But I think the point is to do this no so fun task with another mentality. Not thinking that they are boring but trying to imagine the end result or plan some fun ways to do that lame task.

I hope this helps!

Susan B.
If I need to have some fun, of course I plan fun tasks on my schedule 🙂 It is useful to me especially on those hard long days.