How do you cut down on Reddit and social media time? Can you use fabulous for this?

Ella F.
Not really. First of all monitor and track how you spend your free time on a chart. From here you can visualise how much you actually spend and can see firsthand how successful you're at reducing it. Use an app like forest to set a period of time when you can't go on social media. Your tree will die if you leave the app so it's an incentive. Set this time when you often find yourself on it. Check have you done all your work, housework, eaten and drank, a bit of exercise or yoga, any other daily habits before you allow yourself to turn it on. It's a checklist you need to fill before you can move on. Delete the apps once you've decreased the time and have eased the urge to be on them. If you haven't, you'll just go straight back to them and break the habit. List other activities/hobbies you want to try or that look interesting and try one of them whenever you want to pick your phone up.
Abdias Z.
My tablet keeps track of what I am doing so if my time on social media is more than it should be I pay closer attention to how I use my time. In the past I have trained myself to be more intentional about my use of social media. I did this by having goals before I sign on such as checking on certain people, or groups, making a post. I set a timer for myself. For me 30 minutes was my max allowed time.