Should I write the time to do them as well? Cause it freaks me out when I don’t finish them on the written time.

Brandy X.
In your routine you can add “create timeline” where you chose what you will do for that day and when you will do them. So yes but remember to plan that out every morning. Keep up the good work! Good luck!
Dale N.
Hi, I wish that you are having a good day . If you can work according to your time schedule then that’s great but if you are not I suggest not to put a specific time to start and finish smt and start another thing but put limits to make it flexible. Personally it freaks me out too and make me feel low so I rather to not put a time with my to do list .💗
Sophie U.
By giving a time frame to do your chores is potentially putting yourself under pressure and you may find yourself clock-watching so, be realistic as to which chores are achievable in the day; chores that can be carried out at no specific time, enabling you to enjoy your day plus do your chores when it’s convenient. You may achieve a lot more when you don’t set yourself a timetable. 😁
Danny P.
Don’t freak out. Instead, take it easy. If your goal didn’t finish this time, it okay. Think no one is perfect, but you have to give it a try next time. Better write it down on paper so the only things that you have to focus is this.
Elouan T.
If it freaks you out don't write a time just make a goal list or a to do list and whatever you get done mark it with a line and it doesn't matter which one you do first as long as you start and finish it even if it's one thing every day.