Do you write things other than your to do list on your to do list? Like encouragements for yourself or something you’re grateful for?

Pablo T.
I’ve bought a planner and on that I write my to do list there are also spaces in which I write who I need to call, important events and my goals. Regarding inspirational quotes I have a sticky blackboard on my wall and I write them there.
Raul B.
No, I don't write other things on my to do list. But I will. This is a great idea to encourage myself to finalize my to do list because I procrastinate so much.
Benjamin X.
Hello. Unfortunately I do not write anything other then my to do list on my to do list. I probably should write down something encouraging but I don’t.
Malou Z.
I have not done that, because those kinds of things have not felt like “to-dos”. But I guess they are in a way, they are just internal to do’s rather than external to-do’s.

I don’t know who I’m talking to here, by the way, and I assume I’m just talking to myself, which is fine.

Tony E.
Well, until a few months ago, my to do list was definitely focused on the "important" tasks I need to accomplish on that day or for a project. However, recent months have led me down a road to understanding what systems work best for me. A system that encourages me to doodle and celebrate is a most efficient system. With fewer constraints on what is and isn't "important enough" to make the list, I find myself capturing my life more honestly. That's led me to think differently about what gets my time — and what deserves it.
Bonif Cio Z.
No, I just write the things that I have to do.
I never think about it because my To Do List is on my Google Keep and I have to be very succinct.