If you’re self-employed, what do you do to stay motivated, or feel accomplished?

Erika W.
thinking about my main purpose and why i wanted to achieve that one. No one give money for doing nothing to you so keep going for yourself
C Lestin F.
I will have several hobbies that make me active and happy. I will spend lots of time with my family! I will be more creative with my art!
Lea Y.
Plan holidays around targets eg if I work and earn this much by a certain amount of time I’ll use some of the money to go on holiday
Philip S.
As you know motivation can be different for each entrepreneur. What seems to work for me and my circle is a combo of these activities: (1) Cultivation of mind, body and spirit in the form of physical fitness, time in nature, and meditation – Stress management can help maintain momentum and productivity (2) Study the greats in your field and invest in continued education relevant to your work – Apply something you learned/ reviewed right away (3) Remain creative and take a purposeful break by spending time on hobbies and spending time with your loved ones – Scheduling time away from work can rekindle the energy to complete difficult and tedious tasks. Hope this helps✌🏽 😊 Good luck!