Is there a way I can be reminded to check my to-do list throughout the day?

Alban Z.
I've found that when I snooze the habit, the push notification setting continues to pop up until I've checked off that habit. Other than that, in order to see my to-do list, I've needed to actually go into the morning routine and look at it that way. Hope this helps!

Frederik U.
For reminders to check on your to-do list, you can set multiple alarms on your phone for predetermined Times. To figure out those times, Go through your schedule/calendar/ timeline and designate certain points in the day you think might work (natural breaks or when you need to make a pause); I have different set times depending if it’s a weekday or weekend. Hope this helps.

Mamede S.
Have it on your phone and put alarms on or have it hung up on your fridge, bedroom door and front door if you're at home

Colin T.
Well, I don't know if there's a way to do so through the app, so try to find a few tools outside the app to remind yourself of things you need to keep in mind all day. For example, I wanted to remind myself to exercise and eat healthy throughout the day, so I picked a fun, simple symbol to represent my reminder, drew it on a whole bunch of sticky notes and stuck them all around my room and work area so I would see them repeatedly all day long. Another way is to set alarms or reminders on your phone. You can customize the label or even the notification tone so every time you hear it, you remember the goal you're striving for. After doing these, suddenly I found myself thinking about my goal frequently throughout the day, even without being prompted, and making better choices because of it!! I hope and believe these will work for you too! Happy goal-getting my fabulous friend!!

Marie G.
Set an alarm on your phone. Use the post it application on your desktop. Or just take a picture and set it as your screen backgrounds.