Love to do lists, love writing them, checking things off. It’s the actual doing that I stumble with. Any suggestions on motivation for follow through?

Neutel P.
I to do feel really good at checking things off my ToDo list list bit also get that feel6of needing extra motivation to go further and do moe. Some days I can fo more but othrr days I feel less inclined. But keep going, it will all work out!😛
Dan C.
What I would try and do is, including rewards and celebrations on the check list towards the bottom. These will be things that we can look forward to and gives us a little incentive to keep going. Also if you are just seeing that you are taking the rewards and never checking anything else off that can be inspiring to try harder on future days.
Amber X.
I used to struggle with the same thing. Growing up I was super messy and got distracted very easily making it nearly impossible to finish a task. I felt very incapable and useless when this happened because I thought something was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with ADD and it didn't help. School was very hard. Growing up I developed a sense or organization to balance my ADD and messiness, but I couldn't keep my lists updated. So I decided to make it more than a list. I bought a cute planner with cute accessories, bought cute filling papers with to do lists, monthly, weakly and daily planners. It's a little thing but is all anime themed (I love anime) and makes wanna fill it with a beautiful handwriting and cute indicative drawings. After that I developed main lists that help do more everyday lists. I made a daily, weakly and seasonal cleaning list, a shopping list of everything in each room so that when I do a shopping list instead of trying to remember what's missing I just check if we still have it or not. What I'm trying to say is make it easier and funnier more appealing don't get obsessed in "I must do it" and find a way that I want to do it. Also take time to meditate in the why you want to or do it at all. Having a why helps to keep a goal.
Johanne P.
Break it down into smaller pieces! I’ve found that my procrastination/avoidance is rooted in fear. Make your to-do list less scary but breaking it into conquerable steps.