What time of the morning is best for writing a to-do list?

Sara B.
Write down the tasks that you want to achieve the night before and then when you wake up the first thing to do is organise all your tasks into your plan for the day
Rosie O.
I prefer to start my to-do list the evening before. I tend to have a racing mind when I don’t do it this way. However, I do frequently add to my list as my morning progresses. I work on doing what I can and then carry over what’s left for the next day along with what other things I think of that evening. Thus, my “To-Do” list routine is in the evening. Hope this helped.
Gerry O.
I do this as soon as I get to work. Before I do anything else. I create my evening at that time as well for when I get home from work.
Oscar Z.
Prefer immediately after having breakfast, since I'll be at a relaxed mode. Will already have thought of some few items to do
Ella W.
For me, it's better to do it in the morning after I've done my meditation, Stretching, push-ups, breathing and gratitude. Once I have all of that out of the way, I can concentrate on work. I like to start work at 6. It activated my mind so I don't fall asleep during meditation. Around 8 is usually when I get to the to-do list for the day. I usually draw from a list of tasks that I'd like to do at some stage. I have no limit to the number of tasks. I don't have time estimates for the tasks. I should start doing both of these. 8 is good as I can then comfortably start working at 9 when I get to college and know what I need to get done.
Sally Y.
Well, ideally would probably be to write it the night before, but plans can change overnight, so I write mine during my morning routine, before starting work.