I am a lazy person, I commit to do something only for a couple days, and then I give up, I do suffer from depression so I don’t know how to be relaxed and comfortable and to plan my time, I also still in school, high school.Anything can help me!

Madison Q.
Look up a book called the upward spiral. Excellent book on things you can do to help your brain out of depression. I suffer from depression too.

The key is to to the minimal amount to keep the consistency. And another awesome book called “atomic habits”. By James clear. I strongly recommend this too it will help you understand tha

Virgil E.
If you tell yourself that you are a lazy person, you’re more likely to continue with your current habits. Try thinking about qualities you want to have, like “I’m working on becoming steadfast.” Find things you like to do, and intertwine them with things that are more like chores. For instance, I always had a hard time getting out of bed… I’d wait until the last possible second, and then I’d be late and look bad and not eat, etc. I basically started bribing myself out of bed by playing a game I really like on my phone when I first get up, so then I started looking forward to the morning. I’d also actively think about how proud I was for getting up and hour before I had to – it was something I used my own power to change and that felt really good. Now I can take out the game part, because I truly want to get out of bed and feel the accomplishment of doing all the things I want to do. It’s so easy to beat yourself up – that’s what depression feeds off of. Try to be nice to yourself and find ways to reward yourself and enjoy your time. It’s also a long journey – I’m not there either. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse, but it’s nearly ALL better than high school (if that helps).
Lewis O.
Do things the easy way. Stretch in bed in the morning. Do a lousy job making your bed, you win! It's nice to crawl into a made bed, I've been depressed, a lot of people have. Don't take on too many habits, morning and evening are important, evening just for the next day set up. If you can read keep it light. Listen to music, dancing with your pet while making the bed would be two habits. The only rule for doing this with depression is "it's okay to jump back into it, no restarts, it was just a break".
Devon S.
When depression hits, it is difficult to be motivated, but that is the great thing about fabulous reminders. You just do it. Get up shake off the fog and just do it. I stand while making my lists and my best thinking is on the shower, so keep you phone handy while you are drying off and everything is fresh in your mind. I hope this helps. Have a great day.
Sofie A.
Start small. Pick a few tasks and aim to complete them daily. One, I would make your bed daily. Small victories will inspire and motivate. Two, I would pick another goal such as read more or workout more, a high level goal then break it up into small pieces. Read for five minutes. Call it a success, take a break, then try to do it for another five.
Marian U.
I am 33 and have struggled with depression since I was 15. I had tried many medications and self improvement methods. The only thing that has been successful every time has been creating and sticking to a routine. When I get up, I get up early and ready tk do my routine. I train my body, I meditate and I do the same ablution exercises every day. Start small and work your way up. This is how I approach everything. Start small and work up to bigger and bigger steps. Good luck, and know that you are never alone. There are always people who care.