Does it help you more to physically write your to-do list down on paper or is it just as effective if you keep it on your phone or computer?

Joan F.
I have tried countless apps and notekeeping methods on my phone. I have founf that carrying a notebook and pen everywhere I go and finding time throughout the day to review it is the only way I can keep task lists. I will set a reminder on my phone for appointments but it needs to be repeated at least 3 times for me to really absorb the prompt
Ethan F.
I've found that it only really matters that you keep the list near you and in sight. If you write it physically, but don't keep it near you, you still won't complete it.
Lawrence W.
no! way more effective for me to write it down. first of all I have always been a fan of writing and with a pen✒️ with ink from the ink pot. 😀🧚‍♀️. I love notebooks and writing down my thoughts and lists and details about my to do’s and plan business help me immensely to organize my mind or my anxieties about my projects. I am a visual person so it’s very important for me to see the picture imaginary. ☺️
Mille Z.
Handwriting is more effective than typing as it makes the processing of information slower and you can summarize your ideas more and more.
Bessie C.
I like to physically write in a journal- in fact I have multiple journals and I also keep notes in my phone. I think it's whatever works best for you and you feel most private with because if it doesn't feel private then you won't put your real thoughts and feelings down.
Catherine T.
Personally it helps in the morning that I can see the question in front of me and type what my intentions are as soon as I wake up, rather than waiting until I get off my bed and scrounge up a pen and paper. So it's on my mind all day, plus I can easily toss it onto a todo app where it will be staring me in the face every time I use my phone.
Silje W.
It depends on the type of list. A list of daily to do seems to work fine on my phone since they are routine and I just use it to make sure I've accomplished all of my little daily chores. But for projects or novel tasks, a paper and pen works best. It's easier for me to plan on a page and having a physical reminder of that plan keeps me more on task.
Gundolf O.
I know it can be frustrating carrying a notebook or paper. But the writing in paper have this kind of “magic”. You will not be distracted by the light of your phone, and it’s so easy to loose focus on it because Facebook is just a tap away from waste valuables minutes from you day. I would recommend stick to the pen and paper strategy
Villads F.
I write mine physically every day in a fresh page of my planner. It's much better for your brain to take ownership of it by actually writing the words, but when you type it in or copy and paste you're only pressing a button. Writing it you actually make the shape of the letters. Plus I can feel the planner and not get distracted by other things.