Do you prefer sticking to using one method with tracking your to-do list or do you combine using an app with pen and paper?

Selma N.
Combining using an app and pen/paper is more successful in my case because I keep a visual map and photographic memory of what I write. The app helps me to keep in track
Timeo T.
Well, for to-do lists I definitely like writing everything down on paper because it's really gratifying for me to physically cross something off the list. That being said, a lot of my to-dos have deadlines, so I use Google calendar to keep track of those. And if I think of something in the middle of the day, I usually type it into my phone or tell Alexa and add it to my pen and paper list later.
Jacob W.
I combine. I carry different materials with me through week and weekend. Trello is a great, free, kanban-based task and project tracker. I’m able to manage a backlog and select important tasks to focus on.
Anick P.
I combine both methods, depending on what is available to me. I can’t have my phone at work, so paper is preferred there (I have a calendar/notebook) but when I’m going shopping or doing other errands, I use my phone to minimize what I have to carry with me.
Bertram A.
Pen & paper
I’ve tried via computer calendar functions, whiteboard, post-it’s (as I like to move & reorder things but always come back to pen & paper. I write mine in the back page of my work notebook. Meetings notes etc in front, last page in the back is my to-do
Savannah X.
I use both methods. I prefer an app for checklist type tracking, things that do not change. I prefer pen and paper for a more planning type of checklist
Darrell S.
I personally combine I hav paper and pen on my desk however have a seperate diary that is paper and pen but sync it with google calendar so it’s always on my phone too if something on my to do list is while I’m out it’s digital otherwise my actual to do list is solely paper and pen 🙂