How shall I not be overwhelmed by the task sticks on the list for a long time, or in another words, how shalll I not be overwhelmed by the unfinished the tasks on the list?

S L Ne Y.
Don't bite more than you can chew. Do what you can within the day and continue with the unfinished ones first thing in the morning. From the topmost priority to the least. Delegate some other tasks or ask help when you need it.
Salvador Y.
I think the best way is to still try to get them done even if it's later in the day, but if that's to hard take some things off the list and start small again and build back up don't go to hard at the start
Gerhart Z.
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Johanne C.
Know that there is always another day to work on those list items. Always try to do the hardest or most dreaded item on the list first. If you get that out of the way, the rest of the list should be a breeze. Also make the to do list attainable. Can I get this done in the time I’ve allotted? Be realistic. Set realistic goals.
Brittany O.
Don't worry about them to a point that would take attention from your present task. I am saying this because I believe it would go against what we, as users, are trying to reach. At least in my case I am trying to create a routine that can get me ready for the day, and one to "turn off" my brain at night. So either reorganize your day around the routine or understand that s**t happens and somedays you can't do everything you wanted.
Jacob U.
It happens to me too… my to do list includes making a 2018 video, for example, we are already in the middle of 2019!!! I try not to feel overwhelmed by thinking of the things in my to do list that i am actually being able to finish, even if it’s something little. I know that eventually i will find a way (a time) to finish the longer or more difficult projects and concentrate in the small things that i can do today. Hope it’s helpful
Isaac U.
I “finish” my entire to do list everyday. All my tasks are on a master list for the whole week, then I have a to do list for each day. At the end of a day I go down the list and check things off ✅ if/when they’re done and I cross out ➖ anything I didn’t get to. Those crossed out tasks can move to the next day’s list or just make sure it’s on your master list. That way, you won’t forget about anything but you’ll also be able to close out your to do list and relax.
Alison E.
I won’t be overwhelmed by unfinished tasks because there’s always tomorrow, and I know I did my best to prioritize my time today.
Mabel W.
It's not about overwhelming,but about regular action, for habit formation,so take action every time, every day,if miss a day,do extraa next time,be mechanical,and start with small aim so that if you miss a day ,next day, you can easily double up, and gradually momentum,confidence, happiness ALL will come
Maxime T.
It’s ok to have something on the long list … I think there is a hierarchy of to dos and you have to understand that you can’t do everything always . Maybe you can devote 1 day a month to tasks that you have put on the back rack?