How do you limit your list to the important stuff?

Oscar B.
I write only 3 important things. If there something that not so important when i whrite it underline. I don't write more than 3 things because a limit each of it at least 2 hours. If there be more than 3 it just be left undone and I will be flustered.
Hanna S.
I keep a running “master list” of everything I need to do. Small or big. This gets it off my mind and onto paper. Everyday I go through that list and pick 3 things that have to get done that day and I commit to those. No more. If I have time for more – it’s a bonus.
August P.
I right in the evening, first I 7 thing or events and experinece with people right for what I am gratefull for that day. Then I right 3 off my succeses that dat.
Then I right down a list doe the 3 big things and 5 smal thing. So that know what I gonna do the next dat.
In the morning I reflect the to list. Make a abc list for the most important things and the 5 small tasks.
I right it down on my whiteboord so that I can see with eyes what my goals are for that day.
Or helps me to accomplisch my goals.
When I am a complete a task I celebrate it.
As of I score a goal yeah !!

'When can not complete a task I do it next day as first on my list. If its importent on the ABC list orderwise on the 5 small task list.
And when I complete of.
I Will celebrate it as a goal yeah !! And so on Doe every day 🙂

C Cero E.
I don’t always. Very often I’ve committed to do things that are worthwhile but not the most important. So my list is always a mix of important and less important tasks. The key is to highlight the most important items and commit to getting them done – regardless of the obstacles and distractions. I find this to be a challenge almost daily, but the more I practice at doing what I’ve listed as most important, the easier it becomes.