How often do you check your list?

Lillian P.
I try to get through it every day but sometimes I forget but I am only human and I do my best and take it one day at a time and I don't get upset if I forget
Henri F.
I check back on my list constantly until I finish that set routine. Once the routine is done, I set it aside till the next one. Sometimes I complete simple parts of the routine out of order or without checking the list. In that case when I do check, I can just mark it done and keep going. For me that's a sign that those parts fit together well and can be processed as a chunk rather than one by one tasks, like flossing, brushing, and mouthwash.
Hugo S.
It depends on what the list is for but atleast once a day. I make changes to it as needed. If its a daily to do list i make the list in the morning then check it again arround lunch time and then check it again in the evening. Then before bed check it one more time and reorganize the prioritys. And use that list for the next day.