How many tasks do you give yourself? I tend to write too much to do and get depressed when I can’t achieve everything.

Erin W.
I give myself only the tasks that I feel I really should do and could be able to do that day. The ABC-to do-list reduces the amount of tasks even more. The most important thing to not only understand, but realize deeply, is that failing to do all tasks, is completely fine. Only you know if you've really tried and only you know deeply within you if you did put too much stuff on yourself for that day. If that is the case, or if you were just a bit lazy, well now you have learned. And that is also a GOOD thing. No need to feel depressed. 3 things on the to do-list is enough. Do everything in your power to finish them before anything else. If it is really important to you to write up more stuff, make a sub-list. Just try to avoid getting in to the temptation of doing that list before the more important ABC-list. Good luck and stay happy πŸ™Œ
Jeppe A.
I tend to put to much on my todo lists and not give myself enough time to finish tasks this leads to me not wanting to start my todo list or ignoring it.
Mathew Q.
Everyone have a different misure, so, i you feel this, you can do this… Write 10 tinghs to do, chose only 2 of them! And then you can start doing these one and when you complete them, you can chose other 2
Leo I.
When I first started I was very ambitious and enthusiastic. So, I also burdened myself with way too many tasks. I took me a while to realise that it is more about the habit of doing a task than the amount of tasks. So I cut back on my tasks. And now I slowly add tasks that I really need. One by one.
Erik C.
I tend to write too many projects down and have multiple irons in the fire. Art projects and still trying to get settled in my office. I loathe clutter and my art projects need…stuff…so I have arts and crafts all over in various places. I need to do one at a time and complete it before I start another one.
George Z.
I used to give myself too many tasks and get depressed as well, cause I cant really do everything. I think my goal now is to have 5 tasks, and as soon as one is done properly for 3-4 weeks, I can try on a new task