Hey! For your to-do list, do you usually include everyday activities or special ones only?

Sophia S.
I usually have a section in my journal for my daily routine. So this includes the things I do everyday like make the bed and brush my teeth. I also have a section for things I do every week, every month, and every year. It helps me keep myself accountable and remember that small everyday tasks are still important. But everyday I make another to-do list! If I find that recently, I’ve been slacking on the the things I need to do everyday (like making the bed or watering my plants), then I’ll add those tasks to my to-do list. But usually in my to-do lists, I just have tasks that don’t occur on a regular, consistent basis (like buying groceries, homework assignments, doctor’s appointments, etc.). I’ll also usually put things that I do monthly or yearly in their corresponding daily to-do list so I’ll remember to do it! Really your to-do list is what you need it to be. If you need a super specific to-do list to remember to put on your watch or take your medicine, then go for it! If not, then just put the things you have trouble remembering! You can always adjust how you make your lists later; there is no right way to make a to-do list! Good luck!!!
Annelie Z.
Short answer: both. Everyday activities vary by day so I have to write them down even if it’s something I do every Wednesday, for example. I also write in special ones like wishing someone Happy Birthday or paying FPL or buying new gym shoes.
Karla Z.
I would only add what I need to accomplish that day. I would put like brush your teeth or things you do everyday, so only specific things. Hope you got some ideas
Pawel W.
I put everything, regardless of the frequency, but organize the order of value, so I can decide what and when I do.

Every note and task are important to conclude the day with efficiency.

Vivan C.
I usually include anything I want to get done that day if there’s a chance at all that it’s not automatic enough I might not do it without writing it down. So I even include a shower sometimes!
Helenice Q.
Sometimes everyday ones. On Sunday I wrote a list of an many things that I could think of….. vacuum, clean fridge, laundry, walk the dog…. it was a page long. I neAtly got it all done! I would never have had such a productive day without it
Tobias P.
I put in absolutely all of my special events I’m planning to do during the day, but sometimes I struggle with doing the simplest of things without procrastination, so I write some simple things in as well.
Mary U.
I actually have two different columns – first column is special one-off work things and the second column is everyday items or personal items.
Philip J.
a to-do list to me is just your daily activities that you need for the one day. Go list is what you put for future and so forth. Sometimes I will in a to-do list put something for a day or two later but not too far into the future.
Dora P.
I put my every day activities in Fabulous routines. That keeps my to do list as a place to focus on particular items that aren’t routine.
Isolina S.
I have a general to do list for everyday activities that are pretty much habitual anyway. The other one I have I do every night for special to do’s like errands and projects I’m working on and phone calls I have to make. So I guess to answer your question no I don’t include everyday activities on my to do list. Hope I helped!
Flenn F.
They are usually unique task/activities but now i want to focus so much, that I even include everyday tasks to ensure that I am realistic with how much I can do in one say
Mathieu T.
My list vary depending on where it is. My digital to do list have special item only that need to be done. I however have a physical paper to do list at work where it is sectioned by days of the week. Recently I have assigned time periods to each task and stay this point I schedule every item that needs to be done, both everyday activies and special activities. If I am able to schedule every hour of my work day I am more efficient.
Hagen A.
Good question! I'm experimenting myself, but I like to include a few essential everyday activities in my general to-do list (especially a minimum version of something that I try to do even on busy days), and then have another category for batch tasks or, as you said, special activities.

For example, recently I have been trying to go swimming every day, but I'll check that item off even if I only swim for a few minutes instead of, say, 30 minutes. That way I can be successful even on challenging days instead of reasoning that there's no point to swimming.