How can I increase my self-discipline so I can complete my daily tasks?

Alberto E.
Just force yourself if you have to and once you do it becomes part of your routine or visualize yourself after you complete it imagine how would you feel probably better
Janice P.
Make your goals smaller, they'll be easier to complete, and you'll probably end up going above and beyond because you're not satisfied with small
Jeppe C.
Set small and achievable goals. If you struggle with these then break them down further. Once you start hitting even the smallest of goals it incentivises you to keep going.
Jac A.
My goal is to use the reward/correction system that I use to use with my kids. For example each day that you complete your golden triangle reward yourself 12 minutes extra free time for the weekend. Each day you don’t take 12 minutes away. By Saturday you’ll either be able to sleep an extra hour on Saturday or will have to wake up an hour earlier.
Savannah U.
try to reward yourself after completing tasks 😀 or just try to cut something off : for example tell yourself if I do this task, I can watch netflix
Derrick J.
First set your plans then set a time frame for those plans. seperate the plans into short time and long time make a to do list then set the time for every activity finally think about the obstacles that are against your achievements then get ride of these obstacles as possible.