What works best to write out your daily tasks, a specific app or on paper?

Julian U.
I think it depends on the person and their mood. For example: in the morning I usually like to write it on paper but then later on in the afternoon or evening I liked to use an app. Both ways are nice and help you achieve your daily goals!
Caroline F.
I like to do both! It depends on how I am feeling for the day. If they are just reminders I will use my phone if they are must get dones I will write them down. I use the undated passion planner it’s great!
Gianne A.
There are pros and cons if you will note your daily tasks on paper/app. Personally, I prefer to go the analog way (specifically bullet journal) for daily tasks. For project tasks, I prefer apps (ex. Microsoft Planner).
Beverly U.
I think paper, because it is something I feel becomes a personal note. An app though very convenient, is still something which is digital, can be forgotten, notification blocked or simply ignored. But a paper with a handwritten note is never forgotten, clearly visible and you cannot ignore it because it has personal touch
Mathilde W.
For me, the best choice is the OmniFocus app for mac and iOS. I don’t have problems with distraction and so. Facebook is not my thing. So the phone, for me, is a tool for productivity. An intelligent app is a tool, as well. I have many different fields and directions of work. And it helps a lot to have a possibility to switch between perspectives depending on my mode and priorities. In the app, I can jump between various filters that show just a subset of my plans and tasks.
Leah J.
I usually use a note pad but I’m recently trying it in this app. I’ve done it for three days straight. I think either on is effective as long as you pick one and stick to it.
Tanya Z.
I prefer paper but using paper often leads to long confusing lists as I get overwhelmed and also have adhd. So even though writing on paper is preferable using an app that is simplistic is more productive and easier.
Ines N.
Interesting question. For me both works but I separate digital and paper lists by category, like if I need to keep history of them then it's more handy in an app which it makes easier for me to look up later. I like the portability of apps because I can cross items with a tap when I complete them on the go. It's more flexible to edit/add remarks as events unfold and occasionally I have to fine tune or modify anything. On the other hand, simple short-term tasks like a shopping list for example, go on paper because it gets discarded anyway.
Aditya P.
on a paper or precisely say in a note-book. i used to write my to do list in the same notebook which i'm using for log my day. so all things for today are in one paper in front of me ; )
Kristen Q.
I try and write my to-dos on paper, like a sticky note, and stick it up somewhere in my room where it’s easy to spot. That way I remember to do everything on the list.
Bri E.
Paper. It feels more tangible and I can commit it to my brain better. To do list apps never work for me unless it has a widget thats right in my face every time I unlock the screen, but even then it's an 80% chance I ignore it. Plus, I love the act of actually handwriting things.
Raquel F.
In a way I prefer to write on paper because it feels like the words have more meaning, but on the other hand writing daily tasks in an app is more practical because I take my phone everywhere, so I don't have to carry an agenda with me, I never lose the list and it allows me to organize and reorganise the order of the tasks more easily
Aubri E.
Definitely paper. I use notebooks and papers that I threw away to a corner long long time ago. This is a environment friendly and very effective method. It's more effective than using an app because when I mark as complete the task with a real pen it gives me much more satisfaction. I really feel it my bones that I achieved something.
Be Ta N.
Paper, definitely. Paper gives your list a sense of tangibility. A sense of being real and serious. Plus, you should never underestimate the perks of physically crossing or checking off an item, a completed task from the list! Also, when you are finished with a page or two, you can even rip them out! To that end, I recommend using a spiral notebook. Have fun planning your day! 🙂