Do you write completing your daily rituals as part of your to-do list or should I keep them separate?

Karla T.
I keep The Fabulous app check-list items (rituals) as separate from my daily to-do list. I can get easily overwhelmed if my to do list is too long, and it helps to ensure that the only items on there are ones that are unique from my regular daily rituals.
Emily C.
Completing my daily rituals is prioritized into my “morning routine” and “evening routine”. Both are part of my to do list because it’s from one location that I can prioritize my time I put to things that are important. For me, my morning routine and completing those daily rituals is my priority over anything else. This just means I wake up much earlier, but that’s what I like to do and what works for me.
Slavko U.
My daily rituals i follow by using the app, but also have a separate Checklist that I double check afterwards to ensure I did it. I do keep 2 To Do lists. I write 1 down near the list I make of things of 3 things I'm grateful for within the last 24hrs In Life, and 3 things I'm grateful for at work. Then I have that same To Do list on a checklist app
Blake C.
I generally don’t, but it would be a good idea to do so; for other to do’s I do keep them in a notebook as well as in my notes app.
Abby U.
I do. I have noticed that the that likelihood of completing the task increases when I write it down. It’s a study technique I’ve always used…I remember things better if I write it down. Plus, I get a double dose of accomplishment to physically check the task as complete and to cross it off as complete in my to do. Additionally, I’m trying to focus on just not completing the task on the set time for the routine, such as, morning routine but completing the task by the end of the day.
Zoey J.
I add them to mine. One extra thing I get to check off and if I happen to forget somehow…well my To-do-list has my back.
Maria Z.
Currently I use the Fabulous app to remind me of daily rituals. I feel it’s better because if it’s part of any other list, then the rituals will get mixed. Rituals are a way of life vs. to do’s are just tasks.
Valdemar C.
It depends on what works for you. Personally I like to keep them seperate, to not make it another chore or just another task to tick off. You may want to put it on your todo list to remind you to do them and if that works for you then that’s awesome.
Nikolaj X.
No, a to do list to be effective should be short. In fact, the ideal to-do list contains only 1 task. This should be the most important task of the day.