When writing a to-do list, I often find that I don’t complete the tasks for the day, and write them for the next and the same thing happens. How can I ensure that I get done what I want to?

John J.
That happens to me too, and you should not feel bad about not getting everything done on day one. One issue might be your tasks are too broad and need to be broken down into smaller subtasks that are easier to visualize and therefore easier to initiate and get done. Another thing you can do is to prioritize your tasks into the three that are most important, three that are secondary, in three that are low priority. You might also try starting with the easiest task first. Some might say we should start with the hardest task when you have the most energy, but I believe if one is having trouble getting started, doing the easiest task first helps build momentum. I hope this helps!

Diana F.
Set up alarms for each task and set up for it to get it most likely done. Tell people around you to remind you of the task.