Do you write down your routines too or skip them since they are ‘routines’?

Jim G.
No, I don't write them once I've got them down. I try to keep my to-do list as uncluttered as possible so I don't feel overwhelmed.

Pamela J.
I do not write down my routines, however I always do my best reminding myself. If writing down helps you with it, you should go ahead.

Isabelle J.
I do sometimes but a lot of the time I forget. generally when I write down a lost of things I need to do I'll do it, but it will generally really stress me out. if I have a short to do list then I do better. I adjust and accomplish things better when I have a structured environment

Frederick Z.
When i write my to do list i think about everything i want to do during the day, i write all that comes in mind, often the thing are just routine but i write them too cause ticking the box motivates me to do more

Ieva I.
I will keep track of new routines, writing them down to make sure I do them, but once they're a genuine routine I have the flexibility to do them as and when I need them. For instance, I don't hoover the house every day, but I make a habit of doing it in the morning when I do need to hoover. New routines need to be trained into your brain first before you can make it a habit!

Ethan L.
I typically leave them off of my to-do list since they’re either already stored on the app or an ingrained habit. I save the writing space/time for tasks that are more specific to the day ahead.

Lilla M.
I don’t, because personally I get serotonin from ticking it off my list. However, if you’re someone who likes to make small notes to motivate, remind or reassure themselves to keep going then you do you :))

Rosie Z.
My routines are built into my app now so I don't waste any energy remembering what comes next. I write down my to do list for the day in the app too so I can refer back to it

Kristin X.
uz si ich nepisem pretoze je to sucast mojho zivota..tir ktore si pisem este niesu ale vacsina uz je sucastou…akurat exercise je nieco nove

Tasha F.
Write them down, it ensures I will always do them and as well as this it makes me feel like I've accomplished more when I get to tick them off 🙂

Khilwa S.
i write it down. eventho its part of my routine. I need to write down every single thing tht i need to do tht day frm i open my eyes till i roll back into my bed

Elena N.
I write down the routines anyway because it frees my head from thoughts and I do not worry about whether I forgot something.

Mary W.
I don’t skip them, for me it’s important to check it off each day. It’s symbolic, a commitment to myself and I like feeling that self love.

Catherine J.
I write them down. Actually, I use fabulous… I've added a few routines myself and created tasks in order. Like from the moment I get up to starting work.
I really like going through my morning with less decision fatigue

Landon R.
Most of the mine I actually skip writing down my routines. But most of the times I just forget about them or don’t have the motovation to do them. So I would like to write my routines more

Sofie W.
I am not a routine type of person but I am really trying because I figured it out that I am a work oriented person so tasking my routine helps a lot.

Adinai Z.
Yes, I write them on my diary and on notes app. I do them if I have a time, I try to not skip them. 'Cause if I wont do I will be disapointed about myself. I wanna love myself and be proud.

Marr I.
i don't write down my routine because i'll open this app to look at my routines. i tend to forget writing down things so i don't write it down.

Clarissa S.
I am still trying to get into a proper routine but writing them down allows me to stay more on track than if I weren't at all

Trisha Z.
I do not have to write it down because I used this app and notes to type it sometimes. I also do not skip it if it is necessary for changing my negative energy ☺️

Alexandria Z.
I write them down as I develop them. It takes weeks before I will combine tasks into something like “morning routine”. Even then when I feel like it’s going to be a difficult day to push through I will write it all out, especially the habits I don’t feel like doing at all. This is separate from my to do list.

Clarity N.
It depends on what it is. I write down my daily routine to hold myself accountable but there are times I’ll add/change things that are on my list.

Romina Z.
I write my routines every morning and they are my most important and emergency works to do. If you feel something isn't important you can remove it easily because you should know that your time is valuable and limited,of course, so you have to use it in best way

Raqia M.
For my to do list yes i will write them all cause I'll forget them.
Google tasks appis really useful.try it
And 4 planning u can use google calendar too.

Sara C.
I have my morning routine written out in the back pages of my planner. In my planner, on the day itself, I put the bigger parts of my morning routine, like my yiga session. The smaller parts, like drinking water as soon as I wake up, I don't have written down in my planner in the day itself. I do use fabulous to keep track of my whole morning routine.
Other routines, I write down as I'm trying to figure them out, so I can scratch and rearrange as I see fit.
Some routines are so ingrained in my mind that I don't have them written down, but they haven't changed in the past 17 years that I've been using them

Inaya O.
You’re right, they are routines, so I never write them down. I only write the salient, uncommon things. But that applies to daily things. Weekly things, like laundry, get a mention in the list.

Carolyn Z.
I normally skip writing down my routines in my to do list. I have a separate white board where I write down the routines.

Dick F.
I don’t write down my routine because it is in the app. I write down anything I need to do that day outside of my daily routine

Elenore J.
No I do not skip it. I'll wake up at 6am then do my bed, drink water,stretch, shower and eat a good breakfast. At 6:45am I will study till 7:40am which is my break and at 8am is my class

Shane X.
Hey! I do write down my routines. I get overwhelmed quite easily, so I use a laminated to-do list with symbols, to help me when I feel a bit stuck! Have a nice day!

Catalina V.
I write down some things of course but definitely not every single thing I want to get done. Sometimes writing down your routine helps you stick to it

Francesca N.
At this moment, I don’t write them in my to-do list since they are already listed in the app. I feel like that writing them would be time-wasting, and there would be a repetition.

Evita F.
Not actually sure what question pertains to, as in do I write down my fabulous routines? No, they're here in the app! Although I used to keep my routines in my calendar… But, I ended up removing them as the anxiety of opening my calendar was outrageous.

Allison U.
Write them down until they become automatic unless they require setting aside a block of time, then write it down into a set schedule so I make sure I have plenty of time carved out for everything I want to accomplish

Daisy W.
i stick to my routines and follow them since for me its easier to form healthy habits by doing it by some kind of self-written book

Waltraud F.
I try to, but do not as often as I would like to or probably should. Something I would like to do is get a journal and write down in it more and organize my thoughts throughout the day and whatnot.

Jj Y.
I use the GTD methodology and two other apps to manage my To Do. I use the "Write My To Do" for my daily reflection and planning for the next day within the other two apps. I have my routine items added as a recurring item in one of the other two apps, but it's preset and I don't include in my planning process as it's a set daily occurence. Routine implies it's automatic and doesn't need to be planned out every day.

Taraneh Q.
I usually write it down when I'm starting to incorporate each habit into my routine. However, by the time it becomes second nature, I sometimes put it as a to-do so there is something I can check off(:

Michelle F.
Not sure I understand the question. But I do have a general routine down on my calendar. Other than that I follow my routine using fabulous

Kimberly Z.
Hey! Yes I actually do write down my to do lists. Sometimes I write them down here in the app but most of the time I have a separate notebook that I write down all of my to-do lists. all of the tasks that I've accomplished. The last time I counted I have almost done a hundred tasks. For someone who hasn't done anything for a long time that's huge!

Ingetraud O.
I write down everything my routine and my schedule for the day because it’s more likely to get done if it’s on my to do list.

Aj X.
I don't write down all routines that have become habitual. It would be a nice feature for the app to have though – a way of grouping succesafully formed habits into a single routine so you can move them in and out as required!

Astrid Q.
Hello there! I confirm that I do not add the routines in my to-do list unless that I need to focus on one in particular. For example, if I'm extremely stressed, I would write that I have to do long meditation or a given number of meditation sessions in a day.

Sarah S.
Yes I write them down every day before you go to sleep I write down a to-do list and then I review it in the morning it helps me to stay on track

Vicki N.
I struggle keeping a routine; however since I also started to write down my routines I’m doing much better. I am finding that by physically taking the time to write what it is working on gives me the motivation to actually go through my routine.

Becky F.
I don't write them down, they are embedded into my brain now – like a routine; and have really helped bring a healthy structure to my working from home life.

Keri N.
My routines are automatic so I don’t think about them or write them down. I just engage. And feel strange if I do not do them. If starting a new routine I will write it down.

Herbert F.
I believe the human being needs to have its own routine but it is becoming really boring when you do exactly the same things every day.

Armando U.
I write my routines down, when I think I’m going to forget them. For an example when I have a busy day, sometimes I attend to forget to do my routines.

Jasmina I.
Sometimes, when there is a slight change, or in the end of the day when I write in a journal I comment on them, like in today's tidy up I didn't do this, I did that instead.

Karen O.
I include my routines. I feel like I need my routines to be really solid, say at least 3 months in, for me to consider them to be solid and automatic.

Curtis T.
I write them down cause if you don't it'll be at the back of you mind and you're most likely to procrastinate so as my personal point of view you should always write important things like your routine and if you want to build and add things to your routine writing it down on a piece of paper will certainly help alot!

Kenzo Y.
I write them down on index cards so I have them in front of me as a visual reminder. The fab app is great. But I also like index cards and post it notes just as reinforcement.

Ananda X.
i did routine at first, but had stopped for a long time because of its inconsistency. then, try to get back to the routine for now.

Moa F.
I usually don’t write down routines that I’ve been doing for a long time. But if I feel like I’m losing track of doing the routine I will write it down to make sure I stick to it. I feel like we should check up on ourselves and our routines quite often to know what is working for us and what is not.

Jay Q.
I create a spread in my bujo for each month for my daily routine, everyday, I fill out a line using an icon to symbolize which parts of my routine I did. I never do things in the same order, and I tend to forget a lot, but I have the icon ledger on the side if ever I forget a part of my routine and drawing them out is a lot more satisfying than a simple check list.

Michael Z.
I find it easier to stick with my routines when I am busy. So, if I have a light day, I will schedule my routines, so I don’t get lazy.

Baldur A.
I write them down to start or use alarms, calendars, apps, etc. as a means to establish and track my routine. When they become incorporated into my routine, I don't track them anymore.

Tom The Mobile10 N.
When I used to skip writing them down I found myself less efficient.
I used to use a bujo journal and plan my day/week / month out like this . This was very effective for a while . Now I have been using my I cal to schedule in my important tasks /meetings . I’ve also been using the fab app to highlight my 3 important tasks for the data’s well as my to do list daily.

Julie Y.
Writing down my routines & checking them off are a valuable part of my daily accountability. Also, when I’m unable to follow my routines, I can check my daily log & see what affected my daily routine so that I can make any changes if I need to. This helps me keep track of my growth & tweak any changes that need to occur.

Najoua R.
My to do list contains every single task (be it a routine or not) this way I don’t bother asking myself if I remember everything … I just focus on accomplishing my tasks.

Ethan L.
I usually only write down things that aren’t routines in order to save writing space. However, I still of course make it a point to periodically check my phone to see what routines I still need to complete.

Madison F.
I do not write down my routines, as my to do list is only for work tasks – however, i do write down tasks that i have already completed that day then check them off to show remind myself that i have gotten things done

Alvin Q.
I write down my routines along with my to-dos at night so in the morning I know what I have to do for the day. I make a small list so that I still have plenty of the day to enjoy for myself.

Manaswini F.
Yes I do write my routine on my iPad or on a piece of paper. But if to be honest then I never follow my routines, it becomes quite boring to follow the same routine every single day. But if you are willing to make routines, then you can make. But the thing is you need to follow it. Sorry if you get any grammatical mistakes, I am still a kid, so ya.

Elsa O.
I don't write the things I already have in my routine. Because I don't have so much space. What is good is good. I want to know what i can do next. Level up

Mary Z.
Me personally, I write down my routines to help me stay more organized and get ready for certain plans quicker. The last thing you want to do is skip the routine. If you skip your routine at least once, then the next time you try to follow the routine it will be hard for you to then you will end up just procrastinating and feeling to lazy to do it. The key is to just find the motivation to do it and if you lack thatthen just say some affirmations or pray to Jesus to help you get over that laziness because remember. "Procrastination is the thief of time".

Fernando W.
No, I don't, actually. Only from time to time I write them down, so I can see them all (or at least some of them) together. I do try sometimes to keep records day by day but it doesn't last long.

Marius P.
I sometimes do write my routines but mostly don't. Since they are routines I can easily remember them such as cleaning my room and taking a bath. But I think it is really nice to see if I write it down so that I can check a box! Lately I'm not writing it since I only have a small to-do list paper. I only write important to-do's.

Purple S.
I never write done routines unless I need to add something specific for a certain one of the habits. For example in my afternoon routine I have exercise. But every night I decide exactly what I want to train the next day and how. I might change my mind the next day depending on how i feel and if the weather is good for a run or not. But most often than not, I stick to the schedule I did for myself. Other than that, I just check routines in the app and try to keep my daily to do as short as possible.

Josh X.
If I've not done them consistently, I write down to do them on my to-do list as a way to ensure they have more visibility. I have my evening routine down pat, so never write that down at all. I've re-prioritized my morning routine, aiming to get it down in full at least 3x this week. That's helped.

Wes N.
Hello stranger! Since a month ago I started writing down my routine. I feel like it helps me immensely! Morning/afternoon/evening

Orhan N.
I do not write down my routines but I do them anyways. If something gets out of hand, like laundry or dishes, I will write down that it needs to ve done.

Idaira Z.
Depend on what routine it is. I usually don't write morning routines as they're the same every morning but I might write down everything I'll do during the day including the routines

Kayla N.
I usually write down my routines, too. To be honest some days checking off something as routine as getting a shower is a significant win in my book. I think that we should consider all of our successes when accounting for our day. I actually have a 16-minute timer set on this app for a shower in the morning. This morning I got out of the tub with 2 minutes and 30 seconds remaining and I used that time to reflect how nice it was to get a shower, how much I deserved it and how good it feels to be refreshed.

Fenris J.
Your question is a little confusing Imo, please no offense. If you mean do it right down the routines I've already grown accustomed to and do everyday with over the apps help, then no I don't write them down unless it's something I'm unsure of. By that I mean I'm not sure if I am actually following the routine like I thought such as brushing my teeth; because I feel I may not be brushing as much as I thought. Hope this helps I wish you happiness health and wealth, Good luck friend I haven't met yet 😉